Bedroom Producers Blog launches the Black Friday Giveaway with over $2,000 in music production prizes for 24 winners.

A massive thank you to Modeaudio, GPU Audio, Cableguys, Wrongtools, BABY Audio, Deputi Sounds, Goodhertz, Native Instruments, Yum Audio, Techivation, and Flame Sound for generously sponsoring our giveaway.

And also, THANK YOU, dear readers, for making Bedroom Producers Blog one of the best places for music producers worldwide. ❤️

I hope this giveaway will make some of you happy this Black Friday season.

The giveaway launches today (scroll down the page to learn how to enter). We will randomly pick 24 winners and announce them on this page on Cyber Monday.

In the meantime, visit our Black Friday deals page for all the latest deals and freebies.

The Prizes

The prize fund includes over $2000 worth of music production software and soundware. Learn more about the available prizes below.




Three lucky winners will get the opportunity to choose a bundle of their choice from Modeaudio.

ModeAudio offers a range of high-quality sound packs and samples tailored to fit a variety of music styles. We recently reviewed their impressive Symbolism sample pack.

The company also launched a Black Friday Sale with a sitewide 50% discount on all products.

GPU Audio


One winner will be selected to receive the VIENNA POWER HOUSE from GPU Audio, along with MIR PRO 3D and an additional room pack. This incredibly powerful convolution toolkit offloads your main CPU by harnessing the power of your computer’s GPU.

Vienna Power House is on introductory pricing until the end of November, and MIR Products are discounted up to 50% off during the Black Friday sale.

GPU Audio has also launched ‘Make Your Sound 3D’ – an Immersive Mixing competition offering over $7,000 in prizes from Vienna Symphonic Library, Dear Reality, and GPU Audio. The challenge is to create an Immersive Mix within Vienna Power House / MIR Pro 3D using the provided Stem Pack as a starting point, adding your own elements, instruments, and 3D production flair!


Cableguys ReverbShaper

Cableguys are gifting ReverbShaper ($39) to three winners. This tool is designed to help producers add unique rhythmic textures to their music by creatively shaping and modulating the reverb.

Also, ShaperBox 3 by Cableguys is currently on sale. Get ShaperBox 3 for only $89 (the list price is $340).

ShaperBox 3 contains ten different Shaper effects by Cableguys, allowing you to modulate filters, distortion, compression, and more with custom modulation curves.


Fjordheim Drums

The Fjordheim Drums sample library from Wrongtools will be awarded to one winner. The library offers a unique, lively Rogers Holiday 1968 Drumset Recorded in Norway’s best-sounding recording studio.

The sounds were performed by Børge Fjordheim and recorded with vintage mics and Neve preamps.

Wrongtools also launched the Black Weekend sale with a 50% discount on all sound libraries.

BABY Audio

BABY Audio Transit

BABY Audio is offering its immensely popular Transit ($99, currently on sale for $59) plugin to one winner.

Transit is the ultimate transition designer plugin developed with Andrew Huang. It transforms static audio sources into wild mix transitions, build-ups, drops, and more.

BABY Audio is also running a Black Friday sale with a 76% discount on the Industry Pro Bundle and additional discounts on individual products.

Deputi Sounds

Deputi Sounds

Deputi Sounds offers three different prizes, each for a different winner: Deputi DPX ($99), Deputi DP-08 ($99), and Deputi DP-09 ($99). These are deeply sampled and feature-packed Kontakt recreations of classic drum machines.

We recently covered their free (for a limited time) DP-06+ Drum Machine For Kontakt Player, and it’s a must-have if you like vintage drum machine sounds.

Deputi Sounds also launched the Black Friday sale with a 50% discount on all libraries.



Goodhertz is giving away their Tupe ($84) and Wow Control ($84) plugins to three lucky winners. Both plugins are perfect for adding analog warmth and character to your tracks.

Tupe combines the saturation characteristics of tape recorders and tube amplifiers, whereas Wow Control emulates the pitch drift and other non-linearities of tape. Talk about a perfect combo!

Goodhertz is celebrating its 9th anniversary with a sitewide 35% OFF sale!

Native Instruments

Ozone Advanced

One winner will receive Ozone Advanced ($399) from Native Instruments, a comprehensive mastering suite developed by iZotope.

Ozone Advanced is the definitive audio suite from iZotope, with cutting-edge audio processing and AI-powered tools to make in-the-box mastering as easy as possible.

Native Instruments recently launched the Black Friday sale, with discounts up to 90% off. You can also get 50% off Komplete 14 and various collections for vocal production, club-ready dance music, analog-modeled consoles, and more.

Yum Audio

Yum Audio

Yum Audio offers a trio of prizes: the Chef’s Menu collection ($265), Chef’s Choice bundle ($125), and Slap ($145), each going to a different winner.

The Chef’s Menu is Yum Audio’s all-in-one complete software collection. It contains all of their plugins, including the popular LoFi Tapestop and LoFi Flux Machine, which I love using for sound design.

During their Black Friday sale, you can get a 65% discount on all Yum Audio software.



Techivation will give one winner their M-Clarity ($129) plugin.

The plugin is perfect for enhancing the clarity and presence of your tracks. It suppresses the muddiness and boxiness in the processed signal, resulting in a crystal-clear sound. 

Techivation also launched the Black Friday sale, with a 75% discount on the Full Bundle and 50% off select individual plugins.

Flame Sound

Lastly, Flame Sound (my cinematic sound design label) offers the Inferno SFX Complete collection to four lucky winners.

Inferno SFX Complete is a comprehensive cinematic SFX collection for your film, music, social media, podcast, and game development projects.

You can get Inferno SFX Deluxe (which includes all future Flame Sound releases for free) at a 60% discount during the Black Friday sale.

The Giveaway

So, we have $2,000 worth of prizes for 24 lucky winners. Once again, thank you to the sponsors for providing the amazing prizes!

To enter the giveaway, answer the following question in the comments below: What is your music production goal for 2024?

Mine is to release a 4-track EP based on some old demo tracks I recorded in 2009 and never finished. It will be exciting to use those old projects as a starting point and finding out how they’ll turn out almost fifteen years later.

Anyway, post your answers below (please double-check your email address before posting because that’s the only way I can contact you if you win) and refresh this page on Cyber Monday to learn the names of the lucky winners.

The winners will be picked randomly and announced on this page on Cyber Monday.

Good luck, and thank you for reading BPB (and feel free to share this page with your friends)! ❤️


The winners are:

1) Sascha Turtur: ModeAudio bundle of choice

2) Will: ModeAudio bundle of choice

3) Caio Cesar: ModeAudio bundle of choice

4) M.P.3.: GPU Audio prize (VIENNA POWER HOUSE, MIR PRO 3D, one additional room pack)

5) Yeferson: Cableguys ReverbShaper

6) Dereck Jordan: Cableguys ReverbShaper

7) Mauro: Cableguys ReverbShaper

8) Andy Velasquez: WrongTools Fjordheim Drums

9) Andy: BABY Audio Transit

10) Matthieu Haramboure: Deputi Sounds DP-X

11) Chris Stevens: Deputi Sounds DP-09

12) Suny: Deputi Sounds DP-08

13) alex: Goodhertz prize (Tupe and Wow Control)

14) El°HYM: Goodhertz prize (Tupe and Wow Control)

15) Mr. Behringer: Goodhertz prize (Tupe and Wow Control)

16) Igor: iZotope Ozone Advanced

17) KucingLiar.music: Yum Audio Chef’s Menu

18) bill edwards: Yum Audio Chef’s Choice

19) David Gates: Yum Audio Slap

20) Gyeongdeok Yang: Techivation M-Clarity

21) Daniel: Flame Sound Inferno SFX Complete

22) Psolkaiyn: Flame Sound Inferno SFX Complete

23) Chris: Flame Sound Inferno SFX Complete

24) Jeremy Cummins: Flame Sound Inferno SFX Complete

Congratulations! :)

All prizes will be delivered via email by November 30th, 2023.

UPDATE: As of December 6th, all prizes have been delivered via email. Please contact us if you won and haven’t received your prize.

Visit our Black Friday deals page for more discounts and freebies.

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About Author

Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


    • My biggest 2024 goal is to stop spending all my time working to pay for gear and software and actually spend time using it. Also, less time updating, installing, and generally managing the wares, more time actually using them functionally and CREATIVELY.
      I’d love to get better compression chops too.

      Happy holidays BPB and readers!

      • You are not alone Brother, same thing +/- here, keep being lured by new stuffs and marketing emails, always end up telling myself “well cool but it’s basically the xxx’th plugin that makes the x thing, why don’t you focus on learning well the ones you have instead of wasting bags on new ones that will end up on the long “opened once” folder…

        Ah yes, and often new stuffs equals also to “let’s put aside those tracks im working on and start new ones to try the new toys! I’ll get back on those later”… no need to say in the years, the folder containing those projects almost needs a dedicated hard drive lol 😆

    • My biggest goal is to do more promotion. Making things is all well and good, but finding ways to get those things heard by actual people definitely needs to start becoming a priority so that projects don’t languish in obscurity.

  1. My 2024 goal is to try branching out more than before, both in genre and in purpose. I hope to find someone who can use my music as inspiration or support, like for use in a game or video.

  2. It’s about listening to genres of music you haven’t heard before and incorporating them into the music you want to make.

  3. My goals in music for the next year are: finalising my chrismass song sheet music, recording and mixing my classical concert, releasing an epic pulse EP.

  4. My goal is to release my first song ever. I’ve been working on it for months now, learning EVERYTHING as I go. I don’t want it to sound like a “first song”, I want it to be really good. I want to mix & master it as well. From zero to hero is my ambition. That’s why I’m on a site like bedroomproducers, because it supplies me with knowledge and helps me with plugins. Grateful.

  5. My goal is to create a track that will appeal to absolutely everyone and will be listened to for many years after my passing away.

  6. My goal is to finish and release my first album ever. It feels like I’ve been saying that for years now, but hopefully next year will finally be the year I take this step forward!

  7. Having just got the new Yamaha finger drum pad, I intend replacing all my dull drum stepclips with a more “human” touch. That’s a lot of work, but I think it will be worthwhile.

  8. My goal in 2024 is to release my experimental EP. It has been causing me much anxiety & frustration but I know it’s groovy & something I need to share. I need to just rip off the bandaid.

  9. My goal for music production in 2024 is to learn the basics of audio synthesis, improve my mixing (and light mastering) skills, and then use it all to create my first self-produced album. I adore music in all its forms, from Handel to Prokofiev, from Louis Armstrong to Skrillex, I have endless respect for all those who create music, and I myself want to finally become a creator in this field.

    • Releases mainly

      an album that I’ve worked for a while
      A demo for my band that they approved as our first single
      More covers to my YouTube channel

  10. My goal is to develop a live setup so I can play and record my music organically rather than be locked in my DAW all the time.

  11. My Goal is to learn to be there, on time, with great attitude for myself. We learned what your boss expected from you. We know what we like you expect from an employee. We run and rush for everyone.
    But how often you put all that in for yourself? My goal is to remind me of this, no matter if I finish more music, doing it sure will become a healthy habit!

  12. My goal is to finish the songs I have started recording. I love starting a project but have a hard time completing them. Instead of starting new ones I need to finish the ones I have started!

  13. Tahjay Bygrave


    I am an aspiring artist who will stop at nothing to accomplish my goals. If I am one of the winners, I would be forever grateful and will truly never forget what you did for me.

  14. I really just want to get better at mixing. Because by learning how to mix, I will probably learn so much beyond the periphery of mixing.

  15. Dariusz Jackowski


    Finally making a video series showing my collection of ethnic woodwinds and my skills (or lack of them) on said instruments

  16. To know on how to mastering my own music, as well as creating original ones. For what i know, only the fact that i am still lacking in term of creating chords can’t let me snowball into a full track.

  17. To slow down on testing and collecting thousands of plugins, to focus on the best plugins only, and to start really making music ! :-D

  18. I want to stop using hacked plugins and go to the light side) So far I have only made 2 purchases) I will be happy if I win)

  19. I would love that 2024 is the year that i can build a massive knowledge about music production and to share with everyone.
    And also (at least create) and publish my own brand!

    Thank you guys! :))

  20. Next year I want to contribute more time to personal music making and finally release something that I like. Maybe an EP as well, or two. Cheers!

  21. I want to finish and release my 100+ tracks on my harddrive and maybe release at least an EP every month. I also want to improve my mixing and mastering by using less plugins and doing it quicker.

  22. What is your music production goal for 2024?

    Well, my music production goal for 2024 is to expand my creative horizons despite starting with minimal equipment. With just a computer interface and microphone, I’ve been passionately crafting music in my bedroom studio. Winning this contest for studio gear would be a game-changer for me. It would empower me to broaden my sonic palette, experiment with new sounds, and produce higher-quality tracks. With this enhanced setup, I aim to elevate my productions, explore different genres, and reach a wider audience. This contest isn’t just about winning gear; it’s about unlocking the potential to take my music to the next level and fulfill my artistic aspirations.

  23. My goal is to finally produce finished recorded compositions from the vast collection of short sketches that I’ve spontaneously created throughout 2023!

  24. Patrick Garcia


    Now that I have honed my guitar skills over the last three years post COVID (maybe contributing to my impeding separation), my goals for 2024 include the completion and recording of a number of songs in various stages of development.

  25. My goal for 2024 is to release an EP from a bunch of tracks I’ve procrastinating over for the past couple of years much to the annoyance of some of my fellow singers and musical buddies!

  26. Wagner dos Santos Cezar


    My music production goal for 2024 is to finish my electronic music tracks with Brazilian popular music and reactivate my social networks and my career as an artist and producer, which were suspended due to a health problem!

    • Keep learning about producing, mixing and mastering, and to finish a couple of songs I’m working on…and who knows…publish’em…

  27. Finish mixing and mastering of a classic metal record of a friend of mine and make it super. Then, ideally, I want more jobs like that to come!

  28. My goal is to take a deep dive into orchestral scoring. I’ve always been scared due to the amount of instruments involved, but 2024 is the year.

  29. For the coming year, I’m going to do my best to explicitly suppress my constant preoccupation with perfectionism, and spend more time doing the things in which this fixation tends to be especially detrimental. The list goes on and on, but some of the stuff on my mind, in particular, are things like: FINISHING more complete, released songs; getting more lyrics written, instead of incessant wordsmithing; actually playing and practicing my instrument more, rather than constantly tweaking something or another; and so on, and so forth.

  30. To revamp and release a 5 song Ep I’ve been sitting on for 3 years now. And also to learn more music theory, since I have found that I’m lacking quite a lot in that area this year.

  31. my goal is to finally finish the record (my debut!) i’ve been working on for 4+ years now. it’s a massive labour of love and i’m being a stubborn perfectionist about it, so i won’t consider releasing until the record is near enough how i like it… and i’m finally jumping back in after a long hiatus.

  32. My goal is to create my first full-length album of experimental music and stories. I’ve been learning a lot this year and I feel I’m ready to start putting my music out to the world!

    And thanks to the Bedroom Producer Blog, I’ve been getting much better!

  33. My goal is to finish the recording of my progressive rock bands debut album. I am recording all keyboards with plugins so I am grateful for BPB for all the tips and tricks. Also a goal is to start recording my own music wherever that may take me.

  34. Claudio Guiilherme da Silva dos Santos


    Minha meta é adquirir mais conhecimento para melhorar meus trabalhos para meus clientes.

    My goal is to acquire more knowledge to improve my work for my clients.

  35. I really wanna improve my beat making skill. Better mix, master, and sound selection. Also, I plan to sell beats on beatstar soon. And one thing I hope I do is finish all the demo track! Haha. Thank you in advance for selecting me😝

  36. To finally release a debut album that I’ve been tweaking and perfecting for WAY too long now! Seems from reading the comments here that this is not an uncommon goal. :)

    • My music production goal in 2024 is to start and finish as many songs as I possibly can, continually improve and build on my skills through further education and continue to master the art of music production and hopefully come up with something exciting and new and out there

  37. Produce three songs in three different genres that, when played in between commercially-produced songs, they just blend right in and are indistinguishable from the rest…

  38. To get my playing back in shape and finish recording my album of originals. I got derailed last year when I was in a fire and burned my hand and arm.

  39. My music production goals for 2024 are 1) to continue pursuing composing music for documentary films and 2) to write and produce a wilco inspired indie rock album with my wife. I can’t wait to dig in and get make this music happen!

  40. I want to release an album of hip hop reggae dancehall world music beats and songs from spoken word pieces I’ve been sitting on for 3 years! Released 1 song so far…

  41. Mi objetivo para la producción musical en 2024 es continuar grabando con mi banda, para pormocionar las canciones al publico

  42. Damn! Can’t believe I won something! Am I supposed to contact BPB somewhere to get my prize? Cause I still didn’t get any email… Anyway congrats to all us lucky ones and have a marvelous and musical 2024!

  43. Congrats to the winner and the best to all participants for their projects / wishes!
    (Tomislav, I’m like M.P.3, I didn’t receive any mail, I also checked spam just in case, to no avail)

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