Save Big During Pulsar Audio’s Black Friday Sale


Pulsar Audio offers most of its plugins at bargain prices during the Black Friday sale.

It is the most wonderful time of the year if you have some disposable income burning a hole in your wallet. For a limited time, you can get Pulsar Audio’s catalog for sale during this event, which runs until December 6th.

So, what’s on offer at Pulsar Audio?

What isn’t on offer is the better question!

The wonderful tone-shaping EQ W495 can be had for €29. If you missed out when this was a freebie, my sincerest apologies. W495 is a great equalizer and tone box for broad strokes and overall tonal shaping.

Smasher, an emulation of the all-buttons mode from the 1176 compressor, can be had for 25€. Eagle-eyed readers likely remember this as a freebie as well. This is a fantastic compressor for use on overheads.

If you missed the Smasher freebie deal earlier this year, here is your chance to get it at a discount.

8200 is a mastering equalizer and can be had for 89€. I’ve not personally used this one, but it looks to be an emulation of GML hardware.

It offers all the features you’ll need in a mastering EQ, with precise metering and state-of-the-art DSP processing.

Massive is an emulation of the Manley Massive Passive equalizer and can be had for 89€.

This one is a great choice for subtle tone shaping and general EQ duties on the mix bus.

Mu is a good companion to go with Massive and emulates the Manley Varimu compressor.

This one is particularly grabby for drums, which works great when mixing in the dry signal. You can snag this for 59€.

If you’d rather snag both Mu and Massive, there is a bundle available for 129€.

1178 is a personal favorite of mine and makes for a great drum bus compressor. This emulates the rarer 1178 stereo FET compressor and is a super flexible dynamics processor as a whole. At 59€, this is an easy one to recommend.

I don’t have much time behind Echorec, but I love delays. Tape delays are always a soft spot for me, and this emulation of the Binson Echorec might be what you need for your guitar and vocal tracks.

You can snag the Pulsar Echorec for 39€ during the sale.

If these sales weren’t enough, you get a free copy of Relab’s excellent LX480 Essentials with any purchase. Move fast. These deals aren’t going to last.

Check out the deal: Pulsar Audio Black Friday Deals (Up to 70% off until December 6th)


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