Modalics BitFuzzer Plugin Is FREE For A Limited Time


Modalics offers the BitFuzzer ($29 value) distortion plugin as a FREE download for a limited time.

Since we’re almost halfway through December, it’s safe to say that 2023 has to go down as the year of free distortions. That’s right, my dear BPB readers, we are back once again with another distortion plugin, but this one, as always, has a twist on the usual formula!

BitFuzzer is the latest plugin from Modalics, who previously brought us EON Arp. This is a tool of sonic chaos rather than something you’d jam in front of your guitar amp.

At its core, BitFuzzer is a cross between a bit crusher, fuzz, and a distortion pedal. The results are immediately grainy, harsh, noisy, and fun as can be.

This is readily calling forth for filth and sounds fantastic on my seven-string in Drop A. It also sounds great on Reese basses, drum breaks, and any other loud and forthright elements of a mix.

BitFuzzer has two primary sections to concern yourself with: bitcrushing and filtering.

Bitfuzzing has a trio of controls: the Crush, which brings digital distortion; Gain, which operates a bit like an overdrive pedal; and Sustain, which calls to mind the lovely Big Muff Pi. This is rounded off with the filter, which has its own trio of controls.

You’ve got a high and low-pass filter, with resonance included. The filter section also tucks away an EQ section, with four selected bands to fine-tune how your distorted signal sounds.

BitFuzzer can be placed in mono or stereo, depending on your wants for a particular track. It can also be used in parallel, so you can really blast something to pieces but maintain the integrity of your signal.

Ultimately, BitFuzzer is a welcome surprise and a wonderful addition to the Modalics catalog.  I always tell myself I don’t need another distortion, but I inevitably end up downloading and purchasing around a dozen every year.

BitFuzzer is free for a limited time, so jump on it while you can. If you’ve got some extra cash burning a hole in your wallet, I also heavily recommend Beat Scholar. It isn’t free by any means, but it is a beautiful drum machine plugin with some in-depth control options.

If you like distortion and filters, check out our free BPB Dirty Filter Plus plugin.

Download: BitFuzzer (FREE for a limited time)


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