Psycho Circuitry Drops MiniFET+ Comp And FREE MiniFET Version


Psycho Circuitry has just released the MiniFET+ compressor, plus its free little brother – the MiniFET.

The + version is available at an introductory price of $19, down from a list price of $29, and both releases are for Windows and MacOS.

MiniFET+ is a flexible FET compressor that packs in three action modes to spice up your audio.

The comp has a “robust harmonics section that goes from subtle to extreme!”

Psycho Circuitry has provided three harmonics modes, auto-release adapted for each action mode, two switchable output transformer simulations, compression or limiting mode, external sidechain and a high-pass filter.

The plugin’s oversampling system goes up to a rate of x16, and there is a channel mode switch that can force mono operation or go into dual mono operation. 

Psycho Circuitry has also included “analog inspired” metering and LED assistance for level matching.

The free MiniFET version has most of the same features as its big brother, although it only has one harmonics mode (natural) and one transformer type (modern).

It also lacks the external sidechain, auto-release, variable sidechain filter and dual mono-channel mode. Other than that, the MiniFET operates exactly the same as the MiniFET+.

The developer has provided a no-nonsense download service, as to get the plugin you only have to click on the link and then download the files from a Google Drive link, without any login or email submission requirements.

Psycho Circuitry is a one-man operation by a developer called Jon, and he has a burning hatred for DRM and paywalls, which is why he releases the plugins in this generous fashion.

Both of the MiniFET plugins are compatible with Windows 10 and 11 (64-bit) and MacOS BigSur+.

However, Psycho Circuitry has not had their Apple Developer ID approved yet, so to run the Mac version, you have to do it manually via the instructions in the provided readme file. 

MiniFET+ is also available in the Mini+ bundle, which features both the MiniFET+ and MiniVCA+ compressors.

The bundle is currently available at an introductory price of $30, which is down from a regular price of $45.

Jon at Psycho Circuitry has been busy as a bee lately, as just last month, he released the MiniVCA+ and free MiniVCA peak-based VCA-style compressor plugins.

Psycho Circuitry currently has a lineup of five plugins, four of which are variations on compressors, as well as the Big Bad Tube+ tube drive and distortion plugin. 

All the plugins have a free version, with most also having a more fully featured paid version as well. Read our article about free compressor VSTs for more freeware alternatives.

Check out the deal: MiniFET+ (Introductory price $19) / MiniFET (FREE)


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  1. I knew this dev was for real as soon as he/she released RLC-79. Superb DBX 160 emulation! This MiniFET comp is even better. Definitely my new favorite free 1176/FET comp plugin.

    Even the most basic free versions of Psycho Circuitry’s plugins have more features and controls than many paid and even expensive virtual analog plugins. Reminds me a lot of Klanghelm, both in the plugin design and the business model of making “lite” versions (although both Psycho Circuitry’s and Klanghelm’s “lite” plugins are fully fledged and serious tools) of the plugins and giving them away for free instead of supplying trial versions/periods of the full plugins.

  2. Awesome developer here

    Free for 48 hours (45 hours left)
    YouTuber Dixon Beats has hooked up with Waves and are giving away the TrueVerb audio plugin

    Dixon Beats Video:

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