Amalgamated Signals Releases FREE Nepenthe Reverb Plugin


Amalgamated Signals released the free Nepenthe reverb plugin for Windows and Mac.

The open-source Nepenthe verb is designed to be “smooth, transparent, and easy to use.”

The developer built the reverb algorithm based on velvet noise, which is a technical description in the same way that white noise and pink noise describe other types of noise.

Amalgamated Signals explained that “rather than building echoes with a network of delay lines, it uses a predetermined set of randomly generated echoes.”

The developer said that the basic idea of the Nepenthe is an old favorite in reverb designs, namely, “the impulse response of a nice concert hall sounds a lot like random noise fading away.”

With the Nepenthe, Amalgamated Signals aimed to create a versatile reverb that can sound good on anything.

The developer noted that the reverb works particularly well on “difficult sources, such as percussion and saxophone, that can bring out metallic resonances and ‘chatter’ in some reverb algorithms.”

Nepenthe has a no-frills design that works well with modern CPU optimizations, so it runs efficiently. 

The use of velvet noise assists with this lightweight design, as velvet noise is more sparse than white noise and, therefore, more computationally efficient. 

The design of the algorithm further assists in creating a high echo density without too much pull on the CPU. 

If you’re keen to check out Nepenthe, you can hear dry and wet samples of electric piano, saxophone, and drums on the product page linked below.

The control scheme for the plugin includes the following: Time (decay time), Delay (pre-delay time), Bass (low-frequency content of the reverb), Treble (high-frequency content of the reverb), Width (stereo width) and Mix (wet/dry ratio).

Amalgamated Signals is run by a developer called Brian, and he’s made the plugin a breeze to download.

All you have to do is click on the download link, and you’ll get the file right away without any need to provide any personal information or create a log in.

All Amalgamated Signals plugins are free and open source, and the source code for Nepenthe is linked at the bottom of the product page.

If you want to support the developer, there is also an option to donate on the product page.

Nepenthe is available for VST3 for Windows and AU/VST3 for Mac.

Check out our free reverb VST plugins page for more alternatives.

Download: Nepenthe (FREE / Donations welcome!)


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