Fracture Sounds Releases FREE Festive Bells For Kontakt Player


Fracture Sounds released Festive Bells, a free Christmas bells sound library for the freeware Kontakt Player plugin.

I do admit I love a good holiday tie-in. We’re roughly a week and some change out from the big holiday celebrations, and today’s freebie is a fun one.

Festive Bells from Fracture Sounds is right up your alley if you’re after some season-appropriate sounds.

It’s safe to say that 2023 has been a fantastic year for Kontakt Player libraries. Our list of Kontakt freebies grew significantly this year, and I’d love to see that trend continue in 2024.

I don’t know about you guys, but I find it hard to justify upgrades without some big sales surrounding it.

The Blueprint series from Fracture Sounds has four volumes, all free and intended for Kontakt Player.

Festive Bells is exactly what it says on the tin. You’ve got three sets of bells totaling over 1GB in size. Everything is far more robust than I would ever hope for a Holiday Bells sample library.

You’ve got a selection of handbells, toy bells, and sleigh bells for your composing needs.

I’m a big fan of how Fracture approached the sleigh bells, especially with the Instant Christmas control. This immediately adds a little rhythm to your pattern, and all you need to do is hold some notes down to go along your way.

Fracture has also included a ton of round robins; I spent a little while just letting my kids hammer away at things to see how often I could hear the same sound. I don’t know what sort of sorcery they’ve worked into this library, but it sounds great.

Now, I don’t have much need for bells in the sort of stuff I do, but I think this library is an utter delight. There are plenty of ways to manipulate these samples into some interesting sound design fodder.

If you’re entrenched in the Native Instruments ecosystem, Festive Bells is more than worth the download. In addition to supporting Kontakt and Kontakt Player, it is fully mapped for NKS devices.

Your compositions might need a little holiday spice, so go ahead and give it a whole heaping spoonful with Blueprint: Festive Bells. All of the other Blueprint libraries are available for free download, too.

Download: Blueprint: Festive Bells (FREE)


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  1. Off the beaten track, but many useful computer tools for the laptop producer:

  2. apogee soft limit was initially released a couple years ago but shortly after was unavailable for download for a long time. recently it became available again so if you missed it or haven’t heard of it check it out. it sounds fantastic especially on sub groups for gentle clipping and peak control

  3. This is a very nice Xmas present, but I am always surprised by the timing; when editors offer free Halloween of Xmas production tools, they always release them.. too late for us producers to produce seasonal music in time.

    I mean, we have already completed all our Xmas tracks, so it would be for next year :)

    But still, very happy with this free tool, it seems to sound very good!

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