Arturia Offers FREE Efx Refract Multi-Effect Plugin Until January 4th


French boffins Arturia are giving away their new Efx Refract stereo multi-effects plugin for free until January 4, 2024.

The plugin was released today, and you can pick it up via the product page linked at the bottom of this article or the Arturia Software Center app. You’ll need to sign up for a free Arturia user account to install and activate the plugin.

After January 4, Efx Refract will be priced at its RRP of $99 / €99.

The product page has not gone live yet, so the full specs are unavailable at the time of writing.

However, as Arturia makes their other plugins available for Windows and Mac, we can assume Efx Refract will offer the same compatibility. 

Efx Refract combines unison-based processing with a range of modulation options and secondary effects.

Arturia designed the plugin with versatility in mind. They state it will “Effortlessly enrich, texturize and transform any sound, from experimental distortions to detuned harmonics.”

The Efx Refract has a super unisoned architecture, and Arturia says it “delivers instantaneous size and character to your sound. Whether marking key moments or making sweeping transformations  – bring any track to life with flare and multi-effect dispersion.”

The plugin can boost refractions and modify the sound further with the powerful Mode FX.

The Efx Refract can create a wide sound with multiple voices, which is useful for building tension or emphasizing key moments in a piece. 

The super unison architecture can duplicate a signal into up to eight stereo voices, and this method is at the core of the design.

The animated interface lets you choose your desired combination of voices, filters, LFO, and Mode FX and see a visual representation of the soundscape.

Arturia has provided several presets to let you hit the ground running, which cover “unique combinations of sonic dispersion and Mode FX, from Delay and Distortion to Texture and Transition.”

At present, we can see that the plugin features the following parameters: In, Out, HP Input, LP Output, Mix, A/B, and an LFO with Wave, Rate, and Sync.

There is also Refraction with Amount, Voices, and Refraction Mod, as well as Bandpass with Cutoff, Resonance, and Cutoff Mod.

Arturia Efx Refract is available in VST, AAX, and Audio Unit plugin formats for compatible digital audio workstations on Windows and macOS.

Download: Efx Refract (FREE until January 4th)


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  1. Looks like they may have pulled it back, at least temporarily. Getting a 404-error going to the page to download. Also, it is not listed in the Arturia Software Center license manager at this time…

  2. I can activate the plugin in the Arturia Software Center but there is no Install option. When I try to download it from my account on Arturia’s website i also get the 404 on the download page

  3. Ferenc Mosolyhozó


    Registered, activated and installed for the first attempt. Unfortunately it doesn’t work on my very old hardware. Like the new version of Analog Lab V. Maybe they changed something in the framework or something like that. I am a bit sad but nothing serious.

  4. Michal Ochedowski


    Super fast delivery. I had to wait maybe 2 minutes for the confirmation email. Arturia is definitely trying to keep up with the demand, successfully.

  5. This plugin and Dawesome Love in the pair can make beautiful textures, turn on harmonizer in Refract and enjoy playing chords! Magic!

  6. Oh look ! you need to install yet ANOTHER license manager, which OF COURSE they do not tell you until AFTER you create an account, so they get your email address anyway (I’ll await the inevitable SPAM !).

    Didn’t bother with the download, Arturia now in my don’t trust bin.

    • Your loss. Arturia has released a ton of high-quality freebies or temp-freebies over the years. Having a convenient all-in-one program to download & activate plus AUTOMATICALLY update all their VST’s on my system with one click… Worth it in my opinion.

  7. Heyo, i did sign up for the free vst but i never did get the email from Arturia. Did wrote the Support but they need the code for registration the plugin but i didnt get the Email. Is there any chance by getting it still for free? with best regards, Breuer.

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