Fiedler Audio’s Dolby Atmos Composer Essential Is Now Free


Fiedler Audio has made the Dolby Atmos Composer Essential plugin available for free download.  The Windows and Mac releases are available in VST3, AU, and AAX formats. 

Dolby Atmos Composer and Dolby Atmos Composer Essential were initially released in May 2023 at a launch price of $249 and $149, respectively.

Composer is listed at the launch price, while Fiedler Audio has transitioned Composer Essential into the free version of the release. 

The Dolby Labs-approved plugins allow you to produce Dolby Atmos surround sound content in your DAW. 

The plugins are intended to give producers a streamlined workflow where they can use their standard setup and usual plugins while creating a Dolby Atmos mix. 

Fiedler Audio states that Dolby Atmos Composer Essential “annihilates all the unnecessary burden of manual setup for your Atmos workflow as well as the need to use a DAW capable of immersive audio production.”

The plugin connects directly with Fiedler Audio’s 3D reverb Spacelab through a “one-click” process. 

It also features the Dolby Atmos Beam Essential panning tool, which enables you to “automate complex movements” beyond the limitations of your stock DAW. 

Composer Essential enables the recording of new tracks while mixing for Dolby Atmos, which previously wasn’t always possible with other Dolby Atmos workflows, particularly on Pro Tools. 

Furthermore, the plugin can export ADM BWF format mixes for direct distribution on platforms, including Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music, and Netflix.

It’s a fair amount of features to wrap your head around at first, but Fiedler Audio has created a series of video tutorials, all of which you can check out on the product page and which will get you up and running with the plugin. 

On the features tab of the product page, Fiedler Audio has also provided a handy table that outlines the different features of Dolby Atmos Composer and Dolby Atmos Composer Essential.

Composer has several exclusive features, such as the option of running the sample rate at 48 kHz / 96 kHz, while Essential only has support for 48 kHz.

Dolby Atmos Composer Essential is available as a free download from the Fiedler Audio product page. 

To get the download link, Fiedler Audio requires users to sign up for their newsletter with a name and email address.

Download: Dolby Atmos Composer Essential (FREE – signup required) 


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  1. google chrome tries to block the download, is it ok? i mean i know chrome can fail and malwarebytes, and other online verification pages says that its perfectly fine…. but is ok?

    • I haven’t tested it myself but I’ve bought a plugin from Fiedler Audio in the past and they’re a trustworthy company. So I imagine it’s a-okay.

      Still, hopefully someone who has tried to download it themselves will drop by and give you a more concrete answer.

  2. I have to think this is a reaction to the release of Studio One 6.5 a few months back – that’s a widely-used DAW with integrated Dolby Atmos functionality that’s arguably better than using Dolby’s own tools, and for considerably less money. Fiedler has to see that many DAWs will likely offer integrated Atmos support sooner or later, which will render this tool more or less pointless, and they want to see about getting as many people to buy their full version ASAP while the window is still open.

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