Sjoerdvankreel Releases FREE Semi-Modular Firefly Synth For Windows And Linux


Sjoerdvankreel released Firefly, a freeware semi-modular synthesizer plugin for Windows and Linux

I’m a big fan of modular and out-there systems when it comes to synthesis. After spending a little time covering InfernalSynth previously, I’m pleased to see there is a follow-up.

Now, Firefly isn’t quite up to par with its predecessor in terms of development or features quite yet. But it does promise quite a bit of potential in the months and years to come.

Let’s get the basics out of the way, Firefly Synth is Windows and Linux only for the foreseeable future. My apologies to our Mac users, but you’ll have to look elsewhere.

At the core of the synthesizer is a quartet of oscillators, each with quite a few different operational modes.

You can use all four to generate basic waveforms, a pair of Karplus-Strong algorithms, as well as AM and FM synthesis. Sadly, granular and additive aren’t present to round out the various synthesis modes, but that’s quite a bit of power on its own.

This is routed to a per-voice effects section. You’ve got individual DAHDSR envelopes that can be further manipulated with per-voice LFOs and filters. This all goes to a fairly robust mod matrix.

Distortion is also a per-voice affair, which is a great inclusion. This is a fully functional synth, aside from the lack of an FX plugin. You will need knowledge of synthesis to make the most of it, as there are no presets to speak of.

However, InfernalSynth was a wonderful piece of kit, so I can see Firefly Synth meeting and exceeding the capabilities of its forebear in the time to come.

It does work in most of my hosts. The developer does note that Renoise isn’t supported. Bitwig, FL Studio, Reaper, and Studio One all work just fine. In terms of system requirements, you’ll need a 64-bit CPU with AVX support on Windows or Linux.

Supported plugin formats are VST3 and CLAP. I love the synth for its FM capabilities, but I’m a sucker for anything that blends multiple forms of synthesis in a single package.

For more modular options, check out the excellent ModulAir plugin by Full Bucket Music and Blocks by Soonth. Another fantastic option is the VCV Rack virtual modular playground.

Download: Firefly (FREE)


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  1. What a gorgeous looking synth, just from the image I could tell it’s engine goes DEEP. I cannot wait to make bizzare noises with this!

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