Get FREE Universal Audio PolyMAX With Any Purchase This Month


You can grab a freebie from Universal Audio, Pulsar, or Loopcloud with any purchase at Plugin Boutique in February.

Plugin Boutique’s monthly gifts are a staple of our freebie calendar, and we have three to choose from this month.

You can get Universal Audio’s PolyMAX, Pulsar’s W495, or one month of Loopcloud free with any purchase throughout February (the offer ends 29 February 2024).

I have Universal Audio’s PolyMAX, and what I love most about it is that it gives me the kind of Oberheim/Prophet sounds used by one of my favorite keyboardists, Nicholas Semrad.  What I hate most about PolyMAX is that it reminds me that I can’t play like Nicholas Semrad (I’m hoping Universal Audio will address this in a future update).

I think it’s a pretty awesome polysynth, especially if you want vintage sounds that are ready to go, and it’s my pick of the bunch here.

Pulsar’s W495 emulates one of the most impactful EQ modules from the 1970s to the 1990s: the Neumann w495. The plugin stays true to the original hardware unit in many ways; it’s a 5-band parametric EQ that delivers a timeless, elegant character.

While staying true to Neumann’s classic’s distinct yet musical character, Pulsar’s emulation offers a more modern workflow. The interface includes features like a built-in spectrum analyzer, visual curve editing, and mid-side processing.

We’ve already seen this plugin as a freebie, but it’s worth adding to your collection if you missed it last time.

If neither of the above options takes your fancy, you could opt for a free month of Loopcloud’s Artist Plan.

We all know the drill with Loopcloud by now; over four million sounds are available, a plugin suite including Loopcloud DRUM and Loopcloud PLAY, and you can browse via the Loopcloud plugin in your DAW. You’ll get 100 monthly points (to spend on sounds) and a 1GB welcome pack with the Artist Plan.

There are some Loopcloud alternatives that I haven’t tried, and maybe they are great, but I haven’t tried many others because I’ve never struggled to find what I need on Loopcloud. I also like just how much you can preview sounds and create sections before buying.

As I said above, my pick for this month is PolyMAX, but the three options are very different, so it’s whatever you need most.

To claim a free gift, just make a qualifying purchase at Plugin Boutique (it must be a paid product, and you can’t pay in full with a coupon or virtual cash). Don’t forget that Plugin Boutique is also offering the Dropkick Drum FX plugin at a 72% discount, so now it’s time to combine both offers!

Check out the deal: Plugin Boutique Anniversary Gifts (Get either PolyMAX, W495, or a free month of Loopcloud’s Artist Plan with any qualifying purchase at Plugin Boutique)


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    • I got this the last time it was free last year. Bet could never get it to show up in FL Studio, maybe because I am not online on my studio laptop ?

  1. Some people over at KVR are mentioning that this new PolyMAX Free – Version can also be activated on your Machine.

    Will get back here after receiving some further Information about it.

  2. Unfortunately, I can’t use the UAD plugins either. Even though everything is installed correctly (UA Connect/iLok etc.) and I’m also online. The message that the plugins are not licensed always appears and the GUi remains unclear. UA support couldn’t help either, I tried everything. It’s a shame, the UA plugins are supposed to be good, but I can’t use them (I use Samplitude ProX, Windows 10 latest version).

  3. UA Connect is only needed for the download and for the activation. Afterwards you can deinstall it and use an iLok 2 dongle to stay offline.

    • ok
      if you don’t have a dongle , the ilok is cloud based so you have to be constantly online for it to work , who is gonna buy a dongle for one free plug in anyway ? certainly not me , got the super 8 free and have phonec , so i would give my free ua plug ins away if u could cloud ilok is rubbish for me

  4. Alessandro Melo


    I did all the procedures I found on YouTube on the UAD channel, yet nothing worked, the plugin is still not clear but the Presets work but without access to the controls, which leaves it a little limited.
    Using in Studio One Pro 5.5.2

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