Get 95% OFF Universal Audio’s Electronic Music Bundle


Plugin Boutique launched a 95% OFF deal on the Electronic Music Bundle by Universal Audio.

If you’re new to music production, there’s quite a bit of ground to cover in terms of what tools to use. However, the latest UAD bundle sale can eliminate some of the guesswork.

From now until the 18th of February, you can snag the Electronic Music Bundle for the low price of $69.

The bundle is jam-packed with high-quality music production software, so you’ll want to hop on this if you haven’t already.

First up is UAD’s Opal, a morphing synth. Wavetables, a popular source of sound generation these days, are at the core of the synthesis experience.

There is something about the character of this synth that I can’t place my finger on, but it sounds fantastic for pads and leads.

If you’d prefer a more traditional subtractive approach, the Minimoog emulation is highly recommended. This is a monophonic analog emulation of arguably the most famous subtractive synthesizer on the planet. I prefer Synapse’s The Legend, but UAD’s take on the formula is quite potent.

Mixing music requires effects, and UAD’s Studer A800 and 1176 Classic Limiter Collection are great choices.

I am a huge fan of the 1176 collection, with the Rev A and E constantly used on my mixing projects. I can’t speak on the Studer A800, but as a big fan of Oxide, I can only see it being more of the same goodness for saturation duties.

This is rounded out with the Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb. This classic reverb emulation is the same that you’ve heard on scores of classic records. The original hardware unit has seen use with the likes of Vangelis, U2, Talking Heads, and a veritable who’s who of producers in the 1980s.

This is a dense and lush reverb with that trademark Lexicon sheen to it. If you need a spacious reverb meant to score electronic scenes featuring replicants, then this is the tool for the job.

UAD’s Electronic Music Bundle is a smorgasbord of tools. To use these plugins, you’ll need a physical iLok dongle or iLok Cloud account. Make sure you jump on it soon because this deal only runs for part of the month.

Check out the deal: Universal Audio Electronic Music Bundle (Regular price $1,395 – now available for only $69)


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  1. Worth flagging it states these are Native only – not for UAD-2, etc – so that ‘regular price’ is something of a misleading claim (the other way around and you get both versions).

    “UAD Native: Runs on your Mac or PC without any UA hardware”.

    I nearly pulled the trigger on this until I clocked that. If anybody knows otherwise I’m all ears, would be v useful to have the 224 running on UA hardware.

  2. OK… Ditch my ^^ above, I’ve had it confirmed these are for both Native and DSP. Plus get PolyMAX free, fwiw. *Really* good deal.

  3. My only problem is that UAD-Plugins only appear bluerred on my Cakewalk and Bitwig Studio.

    In some forums some people have fixed it by changing the DPI but nothing happens at my computer. Everything is activated under ILOK. I do not know why remains bluerred while the soundprocessing themselve is working.

  4. Bruno de Souza Lino


    I’m very wary about any bundle UAD announces since they released the Sound City Studios plugin for one price, then shortly after released a bundle of 34 plugins including the Sound City Studios one for the exact same price.

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