NNAudio Digital Echoes Plugin Is FREE For A Limited Time


Pluginomat offers the Digital Echoes delay plugin by NNAudio for FREE for a limited time.

Digital Echoes is a multi-band delay plugin that can transform stale sounds into evolving, shimmering soundscapes.

Digital Echoes typically retails for $19.95, but Pluginomat is offering it free for a limited time, so it is in your best interest to act fast!

Digital Echoes allows you to manipulate time and space by combining three delay modules in a single plugin. Each delay is entirely independent, providing in-depth control over the sound and feel of your sonic landscape.

You can adjust the Time, Feedback, Highpass, Lowpass, and Mix settings of each tempo-synced delay to sculpt precision rhythmic and dynamic interaction between all three delays.

Dedicated visualizers aid the intuitive nature of the multi-band delay effect by providing real-time visual feedback that makes it easier to make quick adjustments on the fly.

Ethereal is a word that comes up often when talking about this plugin, and the additional multi-effects enhance the otherworldly ambiance that Digital Echoes does so well.

Digital Echoes features additional Reverb, Stereo Dimension, Slap Delay, and EQ settings.

Using the Reverb and Dimension modules, you can create expansive, atmospheric, and immersive soundscapes that lend themselves well to media composition.

While the plugin makes creating perfect harmony between every element easy, the EQ module allows you to fine-tune frequencies for a polished finish that sounds more organic than contrived.

Anything that adds movement, rhythm, and dimension to your sound is worth checking out, and Digital Echoes fits that description. Of course, it’s even better when it’s free. As well as Digital Echoes, Pluginomat is offering Darkischord 3 (usually $26), the harpsichord with a twist by Electronik Sound Lab, for free.

In other freebie news, don’t forget to enter our BPB giveaway for a chance to win some awesome Abletunes plugins. Three lucky winners will win a copy of Retrotape, RVRB, or FX Mate. Good luck to all! (my pick would be Retrotape, which is utterly predictable, I’m sure, since it’s inspired by the 1980s).

NNAudio’s Digital Echoes is available in AU and VST3 formats for macOS (10.14 upwards) and Windows (10 upwards).

Download: Digital Echoes (FREE for a limited time)


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    • No delay worked here except if I loaded a preset. Then I tried to enable all delays at the same time and it worked. Anyways, delay time is always synced to the host and that alone is enough for me to uninstall it and TBH, the other modules don’t sound convincing. I mean, this can be easily achieved with a couple of any DAW plugins.

  1. Michael in South Korea


    Curious as to a comparison with Valhalla Super Massive…. if you have that, hiw different is this one?

  2. NNAudio is completely dysfunctional. I complete order. It sends an email. The email comes from another company. It says login to NNAudio. My password doesn’t work. The lost password tool doesn’t work. 3 hrs not one email from lost password or the 3 different contact emails I reached. Nothing.
    Somebody check on them. I think they’ve become lost.

    • Hello,

      Any purchases made on NNAudio are found directly on the site in your DOWNLAODS section of the profile. If you purchased/got for free from a reseller then yes, you will have to then get it from NNAudio.

      If you’re having issues, send me an email and I can help you out.

      [email protected]

  3. The e-mail I get from Pluginomat doesn’t contain the code to use on the delay, it contains a code to get 5% off some other stuff ??

    To find the license code I have to scroll to the bottom of the receipt on the Pluginomat checkout webpage

    • If you didnt receive your code from Pluginomat, please contact them as I’ve recently supplied them with more. Things went a little quicker than expected.

  4. Ditto with the above problems – mine says it can’t open the link in Firefox (while I’m using Firefox) tried that other browser and couldn’t get it there either – they must of given me several discount codes.

    • If you didnt receive your code from Pluginomat, please contact them as I’ve recently supplied them with more. Things went a little quicker than expected.

  5. Made registration, yet downloading is a mess, not working. If downloading is too complicated and unadequate, what about the product ?

    • After I managed downloading, the product installation was luckily simple. But as far as I can see it only comes with a handful of presets, which I find lacking for what is a paid product. To be able to get going with such a plug, I would want presets that lets me hear how it sounds straight out of the box.

      I must admit I like the free Strange Tingz rompler that NNAudio has made better.

        • Yes I am on to that, seems you are giving away free plugins, better than your paid plugins!

          I look forward to more factory presets for Digital Echoes. On paper it seems like a deep plugin, the presets is as such a showcase of what it can do.

          Everybody is talking about how to make tracks or finish them faster. And then there is no time to explore plugs, what they can do have to be served up straight.

    • Hello,

      If you’re purchasing/getting for free from a reseller, then yes, you must get it from NNAudio. This helps keep you up-to-date with updates and easy communication.

  6. Thanks for offering this plugin for free. However, having now downloaded and installed the plugin, I’m finding that only the third delay line appears to be ‘working’ – the first two seem to have no effect on the source sound. Apologies if I’m missing something obvious.

    • Same issue here. First two delays have no effect on audio. Their settings do affect the waveform displays as if they were working.

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