Keisari Studios Releases FREE Leikkaus Dynamic Clipper Plugin


This weekend, Keisari Studios released Leikkaus, which is a free, open-source dynamic clipper plugin for Mac and Windows.

Keisari Studios describes Leikkaus as having an intuitive user interface, and the plugin can be downloaded via the developer’s Patreon.

Keisari Studios is a one-man developer based in Jyväskylä, Finland, and leikkaus is a Finnish word that means cut or surgery. 

The Leikkaus clipper features “detailed controls” for clipping as well as support for and scalability up to 4k monitors.

Unfortunately, there are not any demos available of the Leikkaus currently, although admittedly a clipper demo wouldn’t be all that exciting anyway. 

The plugin is 64-bit only and is compatible with Windows 7 or newer and macOS 10.9 or newer.

The Windows version is available in VST3 format, while the Mac version runs on VST3 or AU. The Mac release is compatible with Silicon or Intel processors.

The Zip file for Leikkaus is conveniently available via a one-click download on the Keisari Studios Patreon.

The Patreon also links to the Keisari Studios GitHub, where you can peruse the source code for the plugin, as well as other releases from the studio. 

As with all Keisari Studios plugins, Leikkaus is available completely free of charge without any restrictions. 

The developer states that he creates open-source plugins “in the hopes that this inspires new developers to pick up audio programming and ease the learning curve on audio plugin development.”

If you like Leikkaus, you may want to check out the Keisari Studios Deep Fryer plugin.

This release is a dynamic distortion plugin with quite a quirky chicken-themed interface. 

If you wish to support the developer, there are three paid tiers on Patreon, which range from $5 to $25 a month. 

For the crypto bros, the developer additionally offers the option to support him via Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin on the About page of the Keisari Studios website. 

Keisari Studios is also quite active with music releases, which you can check out on his YouTube channel, Keisari Eurobeat. Lately, the channel has featured several new songs a month, as well as occasional Eurobeat tutorial videos.

Download: Leikkaus (FREE/Support the dev on Patreon)


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  1. i strongly disagree with the opinion that “admittedly a clipper demo wouldn’t be all that exciting anyway”. maybe it would not be that exciting in the actual sense, but it still would be as important as for other types of plugins. the things that one can find out with a demo dont necessarily have to be part of the sound.
    allthough in theory a clipper should technically do what a clipper does, there could be still a lot of things that count for a lot of people and that one should know before buying.
    for example how big or small the user interface looks or to what minimum or maximum it can be zoomed to, how knobs react to mouse movements and little things like that. maybe also latency is a point, or specific bugs with the own system, or integration or communication between the plugin and your own daw.
    also some things that happen under the hood and that result in certain behaviours or slight differences in sound are not noticable at all before using a vst yourself. (one personal example would be the transient shaper of audiority: in many constellations that i would have liked to use it it was taking away more level than the output gain of the plugin could compensate for. other transient shapers worked just fine when i compared them directly. how should you know such a thing when you cant try it?)
    there are a lot of things that may lead one to go for one specific plugin, and even more when there is a lot of options available for the same basic function.
    allthough in this case all of that doesnt matter when the plugin is “pay what you want”.
    neverhteless demos are really important for software.

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