Lotus Sound Audio Releases FREE MixHARMONY Channel Strip Plugin


Lotus Sound Audio has just released a new free plugin called MixHARMONY for Windows and macOS users.

It’s a channel strip inspired by classic British console design, featuring an EQ and a compression section.

The GUI looks simple and intuitive, with traditional controls in an easy-to-use interface.

On the left, starting from top to bottom, you’ll find High-Pass and Low-Pass filters, followed by the main parametric EQ section divided into three parts: HF, MF, and LF.

Despite the color differences, each section features identical controls over the Gain, Q factor, and Frequency to be adjusted individually.

What I found somewhat odd while testing the plugin is that each frequency band can go from 20Hz up to 20Khz, creating overlaps between the three logical divisions of LF, MF, and HF. The same behavior is to be found within the filters.

On the top-right of the plugin, a VU meter is displayed to keep levels in check.

Moving to the bottom, the compression section resides with traditional controls and a Gain Reduction meter.

Interestingly, an HPF is included too to high-pass the signal entering the compressor circuit up to 200Hz.

This can be useful if you want to exclude the bass frequencies of an entire mix if you’re using the compressor on a mix bus application.

Indeed, the low-end typically carries a lot of energy and can cause the compressor to create evident and unpleasing pumping effects.

A Mix knob lets you blend the desired amount of compressed signal with the dry version for more versatility.

The plugin comes with around 20 factory presets for a variety of mixing tasks and musical instruments to be processed.

Personally, I don’t use channel strips quite often when mixing since I like to focus on one specific audio task at a time, but they can be great workflow enhancers to get good results quickly.

Furthermore, dealing with EQ and compression at once lets you better understand their mutual connection in audio processing. 

MixHARMONY is available as a VST3 for Windows and AU/VST3 for macOS.

The download is hosted for free on the developer’s Patreon page, so if you like the product, consider supporting him.

Download: MixHARMONY (FREE / pay what you want)


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