Gig Performer Releases FREE Decent Sampler XML Generator


Gig Performer has just released a free application called the Decent Sampler XML Generator for Windows and Mac.

This standalone app lets you employ the free Decent Sampler to load and trigger a custom collection of samples quickly and directly from the plugin host.

It can be helpful when you want to have a small collection of sound effects pre-loaded and mapped to the keyboard of a basic sampler like the Decent Sampler.

The Decent Sampler XML Generator is very simple to use.

When you run the app, just click on the Browse button. Then, locate the folder where your collection of audio samples in WAV or AIFF format is located.

Here, the alphabetical order plays a huge role in the mapping.

If you want to load the samples in the sampler in a particular order, make sure to use a prefix number, typically using either 2 or 3 digits, depending on how many samples you have.

After that, decide on what key you want the first sample to be placed on the keyboard.  By default, it is 60 (middle C).

Now, click the Create button. You should get a dialogue about how many samples were loaded.

Turning your attention to the folder with the located samples, you’ll find a new file with the same name as the folder itself with the extension ‘.dspreset’.

This is the file you need to open inside the Decent Sampler to have your samples correctly loaded and mapped.

The blue section of the virtual keyboard inside the plugin window defines the range of the playable samples.

The good part is that you can now trigger those samples either by clicking the keys or (more comfortably) by using your MIDI keyboard controller.

One other advantage of this application is that you have some controls for customizing the loaded samples.

You can modify the Attack and Release of the overall amplitude, add a touch of Chorus or Reverb, and touch the Cutoff knob to filter out unneeded frequencies.

In this scenario, these parameters are macros and customize the soundbank as a whole. This way, you’ll create a more coherent palette of triggerable samples straight from the sampler.

I like simple tools like this one that simplify tasks, so I’d recommend checking it out.

Download: The Decent Sampler XLM Generator (FREE)


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