dvCompTools Launches 65% OFF HALion Bundle Sale


dvCompTools launched a 65% OFF sale on the HALion Bundle, which includes Hybrid Hit and Transverse virtual instruments for Steinberg HALion.

The HALion Bundle is available exclusively on Loot Audio for £52.32, which is a 65% discount from its regular price of £149.49.

dvCompTools Transverse 

dvCompTools’ Transverse is an instrument for the HALion sample and synthesis platform, as well as the free HALion Sonic sample and synthesis player. 

Transverse features a granular synth, a broad range of modulation options, and user sample playback.

This design allows you to dive right in with built-in presets or create your own presets if you want to go more in-depth.

The plugin is designed for “building risers, reverse sounds, suspense cues, gated rhythms, pumping noise for kicks, granular pads, and abstract textures.”

dvCompTools lists Transverse at €70 and has made it available at the Steinberg and Loot Audio online stores. 

On the Transverse product page, dvCompTools hosts four SoundCloud demos from Steinberg that show the plugin in action, as well as an in-depth YouTube overview from VST Instruments & Plug-Ins.

The aforementioned video showcases very well how Transverse can simplify and speed up the workflow for sound design by putting the required tools at your fingertips in a holistic manner, as opposed to having to tediously do the individual steps manually. 

dvCompTools states that Transverse is ideal for “trailers, game sound design, hybrid composition, or electronic music creation.”

Transverse runs on HALion 7 and the free HALion Sonic player.

dvCompTools Hybrid Hit

dvCompTools’ Hybrid Hit is a HALion 7 and HALion Sonic 7 instrument that offers “earth-shattering hits, percussive cues, delicate abstract sequences or beefy kick drums.”

The developer designed the instrument to save time and prioritize creativity by delivering ready-made hits, constituent elements, and raw samples,

Hybrid Hit features a 32-step sequencer, various modulation options, and reorderable effects.

Much like Transverse, Hybrid Hit is designed to be viable as a quick and easy solution while also having the ability to dive deep and create your own unique sounds for those who want to take a more detailed approach. 

dvCompTools states that Hybrid Hit is “a powerful impact and rhythm creation tool for suspense and action in gaming music, film composition or electronic music.”

The developer adds that the plugin is characterized by its “complex textures and rhythmic, gritty tones with three layers of sample, generator, attack or noise sources.”

dvCompTools distributes Hybrid Hit via the Steinberg and Loot Audio online stores for  €70.

The product page for the plugin hosts five Soundcloud demos from Steinberg and an extensive YouTube walkthrough video.

Get the deal: HALion Bundle (65% OFF)


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