BABY Audio BA-1 Synthesizer Is 51% OFF Until The End Of March


BABY Audio’s BA-1 analog-modelled synth plugin is currently available for $49, which is a 51% saving from the list price of $99.

The BA-1 sale for the Mac and Windows release, which is available from the Baby Audio website, will end on March 30th. 

The company launched the deal as an introductory sale for the release of the 1.5 version of the plugin. We recently reviewed BA-1 and were positively surprised by BABY Audio’s first virtual instrument.

Baby Audio has a range of deals currently available on its website, including the Baby Audio complete plugin bundle for $299 (62% off) and the Atoms Physical Modeling Synthesizer introductory price of $59 (41% off.)

Baby Audio describes the BA-1 as “the perfect cheat code if you want the authentic sound and simplicity of a 1980s cult synth – without having to mess with any hardware.”

The developer further states that the analogue-modelled synth “brings you closer than ever to pure and authentic 1980s textures in a plugin. Just like the real hardware, it’s dead-simple to program, surprisingly versatile, and dripping with sonic color.”

The BA-1 is based on the Yamaha CS01 Synthesizer, a mini analog monophonic synth released in 1982. 

The portable CS01 featured mini keys and was marketed as a student model, but it has since become a cult classic for its ability to pump out bubbly and growling bass lines. 

Notable users of the original hardware unit include Chick Corea, The Dust Brothers, Underworld, and Richard Barbieri. 

The Baby Audio team noted that this classic synth had never been properly captured in software form and set out to make their own take on it as their debut plugin release. 

The  BA-1 was made with an evolution, not emulation philosophy. So, after modeling the hardware unit with as much accuracy as possible, the developer added handy features such as a second analog-modeled oscillator, FM, and polyphony to help expand the available sonic palette. 

The BA-1 1.5 update is a free upgrade that substantially expands the functionality of the release.

For the 1.5 release, Baby Audio included a stand-alone FX strip, hardware-style arpeggiator with three modes, flexible chorus parameter, improved preset browser, and a new UI theme. 

In addition, the BA-1 comes loaded with 500+ presets, so you have plenty of sounds at your fingertips from the get-go. If that’s not enough, Baby Audio offers a range of preset expansion packs as well. 

The BA-1 is a 64-bit release, and it is available in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX formats.

The plugin supports Windows 10 or newer and Mac OS 10.11 or newer (including Native Apple Silicon M1/M2 Compatibility.)

Check out the deal: BA-1 (51% off until March 30th – $49)


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