Reiya By NN Audio Is FREE For A Limited Time On Pluginomat!


For a limited time, you can redeem the Reiya instrument by NNAudio for free via Pluginomat. Interestingly, the Digital Echoes plugin from the same developer is also available for free.

Reiya is built upon the concept of four-layered sample-based engines. It has a vast library of 200 presets divided into various instrument categories.

While it is not as advanced as the renowned Nexus ROMpler plugin, it’s a great freebie to consider as an alternative.

Each of the four layers, symmetrically spread across the interface, can be fine-tuned individually, so there’s plenty of room for transforming the source sounds.

You can edit the Gain, Pan, Tuning (in semitones or cents), the AHDSR amplitude envelope, and the frequency spectrum of each layer with editable EQ bands.

You can start by selecting a sample from the drop-down menu of each layer and getting creative with layering options to create unique blending.

From my testing, I was able to add more than 100 individual EQ bands inside the layers EQ section, which is quite insane.

Of course, you don’t need as many EQ bands but it’s interesting to know you have plenty of options for carving out the desired frequencies of each layer.

The samples are divided into meaningful categories like Bass, Key, Pad, Bell, and Perc, and they span both digital and analog sources.

The plugin is easy to navigate, with a handy tooltip section displaying the values for each parameter.

The effects section is at the bottom of the interface, divided into Dimension and Space & Time panels.

Interestingly, you can turn up the Main knob of each panel and control various effects at once since it behaves as a macro knob.

The Dimension Main knob controls saturation, compression, expander, and limiter, and it results in an in-your-face effect similar to an OTT-type plugin like OTT or Cramit.

The Space & Time Main knob controls at once delay, reverb, and chorus for a lush effect.

You can further customize each effect by controlling various LFO parameters, with available modulation targets being Gain and Pan parameters.

To get Reiya, you’ll need to complete two checkout forms: the first on the Pluginomat website to get the coupon code and then the next one to apply the coupon and reduce the price to zero on the NN Audio website.

The plugin is compatible with all major DAWS, and it’s available as an AU/VST3 for Windows and Mac.

It’s recommended to install the sample archive (around 2GB) on an external hard drive.

IMPORTANT: You’ll need to first get the coupon code via Pluginomat and then apply the coupon code on NN Audio’s website to get Reiya for free.

Download: Reiya (FREE for a limited time!)


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  1. Thanks for the info. I am always looking for instruments like this
    It meets all my basic requirements: Easy installation, resizeable GUI, low CPU hit

  2. Where is the instruments samples archive? It says, please select resources file you downloaded, but I do not see it there on the page.

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  4. Thanks for the information.
    I’m playing around with it. It has some nice presets, but it will not replace Iris 2.

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