SoundWare Inc. Releases FREE TIZE And Vybe Plugins


SoundWare Inc. released TIZE and VYBE, two freeware plugins for Windows and macOS.

Let’s quickly examine both new freebies from SoundWare Inc.


TIZE is a new rompler instrument for macOS and Windows. It can be used as a VST plugin, an Audio Units plugin, a VST3 plugin, or a standalone application.

There is something to be said about the humble rompler. It doesn’t do everything you’ll need, but it often serves as a great base layer for sounds when writing a song.

If you’ve been searching for an affordable rompler plugin, TIZE by SoundWare Inc. might have you covered.

TIZE is packed with sounds, mostly focused on electronic music genres. It includes all the usual suspects, such as basses, pads, keys, and plucks.

Electronic music sounds aren’t my cup of tea, but I focus on weirder and far more niche genres than TIZE’s target audience. Still, if you’re new to music production, TIZE makes an affordable alternative to something like Lethal or Nexus.

You could see TIZE as a taster for SoundWare’s more premium Octane rompler. It contains similar sounds, but there is no stated means for expansions or additional packs. What you see is what you get when it comes to the sound selection on TIZE.


You can snag the VYBE time-bending effect by following the same link on the SoundWare Inc. website.

VYBE seems to target the same niche as plugins like FL Studio’s GrossBeat, MRhythmizer, TimeShaper, and others.

You can do reverses, half-tempo, and fluctuations like with the plugins mentioned before. It ordinarily retails for $20, but you can snag it for free when following the included link.

VYBE has a lot more potential than TIZE, at least when looking at applicability across a wider range of genres. You can engineer tape stops, scratches, and other time-based effects.

I suppose you could also coax it into behaving like a trance gate, given the time divisions at the top of the interface. Where VYBE falls short is the lack of overall control when looking at everything.

Still, for the cost of nothing, these are fun tools to play with over an afternoon. I ordinarily stay pretty selective with what I pay for, but I’m a lot more open to trying things when there isn’t a monetary investment on my end.

Free Download

You can download VYBE and TIZE for free at the included link. Supported operating systems are Windows and Mac.

Download: TIZE and VYBE (FREE)


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  1. I tried to download these plugins. I registered on Friday, but still wating for any info. No email, I checked spam folder 🤷🏼‍♂️

    • Michael in South Korea


      Instantly got an email with the 2 plugins. I only want VYBE, though 😊
      No hassle downloading, or installing it in my DAW. Great plugin!! Thanks for the heads-up BPB!!! You guys kick butt!!

  2. Tize is a decent rompler, with low CPU footprint. But it is annoying that I can’t choose were to install the samples, they have by default to be installed to the ProgramData folder, or they will not show up in the plugin.

  3. Spectral-Plugins have given up shop and are offering their three excellent previously pay-to-own plugins for free now.
    Spacer, an excellent Multi-FX unit, OSC-45, a capable tape simulation and Pancz, a multiband Shaper effect. All are very good.

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