Atlas Audio Releases FREE Auraleak Vocal Compressor For Windows


Earlier this month, Atlas Audio released the free Auraleak vocal compressor, which is a Windows-exclusive VST release.

The plugin is completely free, although to get the download, you’ll need to complete the checkout process on the Atlas Audio website, which requires an email address.

Users who wish to support the developer can do so by donating on Atlas Audio’s Buy Me a Coffee page, which the developer links on the Auraleak product page. 

Atlas Audio has produced a video showing the Auraleak, although it’s more of an announcement that doesn’t seem to show much about the plugin apart from the interface. 

The interface does look great, though, with the developer cooking up a gritty, no-frills design. 

The Auraleak features two compression modes, which are Clean and Scream.

Clean mode provides a soft compression with a 5 ms attack and 250 ms release, while Scream provides hard compression with a 1.8 ms attack and 150 ms release.

The other parameters are Threshold, Makeup, Saturation, and Sibilance. 

Atlas Audio outlined the operation of these parameters, saying Threshold controls the amount of compression, Saturation can “add saturation to distort your vocals,” and Sibilance controls the amount of vocal sibilance. Meanwhile, we can assume makeup controls the makeup gain level. 

The interface is completed by a switch between Clean and Scream modes and a waveform visualizer so you can get a handle on how the parameters interact with the audio. 

Once you download the plugin, the developer will provide free lifetime updates and customer support. 

The Auraleak vocal comp is the second plugin release from Atlas Audio. 

The developer has also previously released the Clipper, which is currently in its 1.1 version.  The Clipper has a very simple interface, with just the following parameters: Gain, Trim, and a Hard/Soft switch. 

Atlas Audio is currently developing what seems to be the company’s flagship release, which is the Atlas-Amp. 

This paid plugin is a full-featured guitar amp sim, which the developer describes as “simple and killer.” 

The Atlas-Amp features an amp head and eight cabinets, as well as overdrive, chorus, reverb, and delay pedals. 

The plugin also features a gate to cut unwanted noise before it hits the amp.

For more similar tools, check out the recently released VocalFIXit plugin suite by Psycho Circuitry. We also have a guide to mixing vocals in your DAW.

Download: Auraleak (FREE – email required)


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  1. The website is all screwed up at the moment.

    Their site says some links won’t work as it’s under construction – ain’t that the truth. I was able to add their 2 free plugins to the cart (or at least it says they were added) but I’m unable to access the cart. I tried everything I could think of to try to pull up the cart page but had no luck.

    Maybe they’ll get it sorted soon.

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