Brainworx Heritage Bundle – Get 10 Classic Brainworx Plugins For Under $50


For a limited time, Plugin Boutique offers an exclusive bundle called the Brainworx Heritage Bundle. The collection features 10 classic Brainworx plugins for just $49.99.

Remember that any paid order on Pluginboutique comes with a free plugin of either Audified U78 Saturator or Excite Audio Vision 4X Lite until the end of April.

The Brainworx Heritage Bundle features the following products:

  • bx_cleansweep Pro
  • bx_control V2
  • bx_hybrid V2
  • bx_limiter
  • bx_opto
  • bx_panEQ
  • bx_refinement
  • bx_saturator V2
  • bx_subsynth
  • bx_XL V2

If you’re new to the brand, Brainworx has been providing high-end audio software for almost twenty years.

They focus mainly on mixing and mastering digital tools with high levels of precision and control for modern applications.

The Heritage Bundle contains plugins that have been a staple for audio post-production for many years for a comparable low price if we consider their retail value.

Let’s take a look at some of the included products.

bx_hybrid V2

This is the older version of the more modern bx_hybrid V3 plugin.

It features 11 EQ bands, including Shelving Filters, Hi- and low-pass filters, Notch Filters, and peak filters, which deliver the sound of analog filters combined with additional digital features.

You can instantly compare up to 4 different settings by clicking on the letters A/B/C/D, which is handy when trying various EQ settings.

You also have access to Undo and Redo buttons, parameters Link, and Auto Solo mode for soloing single frequency bands.



bx_subsynth is more focused on music production and mixing.

It models the dbx 120XP Subharmonic Synthesizer’s elemental soundbut it dramatically expands its processing capabilities and controls.

As the name suggests, its main role is to emphasize the very bottom end of your productions, with an incredibly deep (sorry for the word pun here :P) level of control.

Some features that stand out are the Tight Punch, which provides resonant high-pass for accentuating punch while taming excessive low-end at the same time, and the Mono Maker, which sums bass band to mono below user-adjustable crossover frequency for extra focus.

bx_XL V2

If you’ve ever tried to place a limiter on your master’s channel and squash it to oblivion, pursuing loudness, you know that getting a clean result is more complicated than you thought.

This plugin tries to solve the problem by giving you access to four limiters that work independently (Mid Lo, Mid Hi, S, and LR Master).

All included plugins are compatible with Windows and Mac platforms, and AAX DSP, AAX Native, AU, VST2, and VST3 are available formats.

Get the deal: Brainworx Heritage Bundle (Only $49.99 for a limited time at Pluginboutique!)


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  1. Thanks Fabio, BPB, what a great Brainworx bargain… no brainer 😊
    I already have a few of these and they are used a lot, i wouldn’t mind the ones i don’t have here too tho, and a free bonus from PB 💛

  2. Meh… $50 for a bunch of outdated limiters and EQ plugins.
    Just download the free Analog Obsession plugins which are newer and possibly more accurate.

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