Ocean Plate Is A FREE Plate Reverb Plugin by Lotus Sounds


Developer Lotus Sounds has released Ocean Plate, a free reverb plugin for Windows and Mac.

Who doesn’t love a new reverb plugin? I’m prone to downloading and testing quite a few, and this is likely one of my favorite effects to add a track.

That aside, my plugin folder always has room for a new reverb, and Ocean Plate by Lotus Sound Audio is an interesting new find.

On the surface, it is just another plate reverb emulation. However, that doesn’t do the plugin justice, as it has some cool tone-shaping tricks up its proverbial sleeve.

You’ve got the usual reverb controls, and parameters are readily available for fine-tuning the size, decay, early reflections, and pre-delay. The usual suspects work as intended, varying from short drum plates to massive washy soundscapes begging for a synth drone.

Of particular note, however, is the EQ section. Some reverbs on the market do have an EQ present for sculpting the reverb, but we don’t see this often enough in freeware plugins.

Ocean Plate keeps the tone controls simple with a pair of filters and three bands for some broader stroke adjustments.

In action, Ocean Plate sounds excellent to my ears. The reverb tail is pleasing enough on the ears. It makes a fine accompanying element for arpeggios and pads. For the cost of entry, it is certainly worth a look.

Lotus Sound Audio describes the reverb’s sound signature as warm, and I agree with that sentiment. It has more in common with warmer analog plate emulations than digital emulations like the stellar PSP 2445.

This is part of the MAO free plugins collection, provided by Lotus Sound Audio, including MixHARMONY, a channel strip, Silver Fox, a VCA compressor, and some other goodies. These are geared toward mixing needs, while the channel strip is a personal favourite.

If you like what the developer is doing, I encourage you to go for the $5 tier which helps fund plugin development and provides access to early builds of future plugins.

Supported plugin formats for Ocean Plate are VST3 and AU. Ocean Plate is certainly worth a spin and is one of the more flexible examples of a free reverb.

If you prefer lo-fi reverbs, check out our free BPB Dirty Spring plugin. It’s a spring reverb emulation with built-in distortion and bitcrushing.

Download: Ocean Plate (FREE)


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  1. Cakewalk says files are corrupted and will not install it. Anybody else having problems with it?
    Mixharmony from Lotus Sound works.

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