AJ Releases FREE Qsynthi Quantum Synthesizer Plugin


Arthur Freye and Jannis Müller (who go by AJ) have released a new free synthesizer plugin called Qsynthi.

Over the years, we have seen a wide variety of free synthesizers, including the popular Vital and Surge XT, which we have covered before.

Some work with wavetables, while some may work with simple waveforms or sample-based synthesis. However, it’s not often that we come across a quantum synthesizer.

With Qsynthi, you get to “Uncover Quantum Soundscapes: Experience the Sonic Potential of the Schrödinger Equation.”

If you’re into quantum mechanics and how exactly AJ created this synth, you can read their paper on the topic.

But for the sake of this article, we will just talk about the synth itself, and how you can use it in your productions.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never heard of a synthesizer that generates sound through quantum mechanics.

According to their website, Qsynthi translates a “quantum simulation into dynamic and evolving sounds.”

That might sound complicated, but I have to say the UI is well-designed and not too complex. The visualizer looks great as well.

The right side of the UI might look familiar to synth enthusiasts. You’ve got your amplitude ADSR controls as well as an envelope-controlled filter.

There are also general settings like voice count, glide time, and global volume.

However, the left controls are pretty strange and unique to this synth. Yet, based on this demo from a user, the controls have an obvious enough effect on the sound and seem fun to mess around with.

First, you’ve got your Wave Settings with a variety of waveforms to sculpt the tone.

There are the usual sine, square, and sawtooth waveforms. But you also get Cosine, Gaussian, Parabola, and Barrier which I haven’t seen in other synths.

Then there is Simulation Settings which I’m honestly not too sure what they do. It does create interesting sounds though, especially in “imaginary value” mode which can sound almost atonal.

“Potential Settings” tends to cause some modulations in sound. Depending on the waveform you use, it can have an effect similar to LFOs and random generators on a typical synth.

Also, there are two of those “potential” modulators which give you a whole bunch of sound possibilities to explore.

I gotta say I love this synth and the concept behind it. If anything though, I wish there were presets to quickly check out what this synth can do, and go from there. But alas, the synth is still fairly new.

Qsynthi runs as a VST3 and AU plugin on Windows and macOS machines.

Download: Qsynthi (FREE)


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Soroosh is a composer, guitarist, and music producer based in Canada. His music ranges from aggressive metal, to cinematic music, to ambient soundscapes.


  1. The “Shap it” EQ requires a Google account? WTF?
    Are they spying on you or something?

    This is certainly not free

    • Might be a copy-paste link issue. Compare the url for Shapeit to Placeit.

      If you use the Placeit url and change the filename to Shapeit you can download without signing in to Google.

  2. hugh crawford


    Well any solid state device such as a transistor or an IC works because of quantum mechanics so…

    The description sounds more like a probabilistic or statistical synthesizer, which would be very cool, sort of like the double slit experiment.

    I will take a look. I approach art and music making as a process of wave function collapse / disambiguation anyway

  3. I am not entering this website once more
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    See for yourself:

    I just wrote that it is not ok that you need to get a plugin by entering their website with a Google email:

    In my community people said that “bedroomproducersblog” have a list of people that they usually don’t approve their comments

    This website was good once, now you are affraid and acting like chickens
    There are many more websites just like yours, don’t worry :)

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Your comment was held in moderation because it contained the abbreviation “WTF” which automatically flagged it. It took me several hours to go through the moderation queue because I’m currently on holiday.

      “In my community people said that “bedroomproducersblog” have a list of people that they usually don’t approve their comments.”

      Some comments get flagged automatically and sent to the moderation queue if they contain certain words (typically swear words and similar). There’s no list of people that are blocked.

      “This website was good once, now you are affraid and acting like chickens. There are many more websites just like yours, don’t worry :)”

      No problem, thank you for your support and for reading BPB until now! :)

    • I can’t help but think that this is the same person who screams at the authors, calling them liars and hurling other offensive insults.

      I’d really like to think that there is (was? lol) only 1 frequent commenter here who overreacts like a nutter by lashing out at the drop of hat for honest mistakes which are nearly always said commenter’s own fault in the first place.

      So if they’re finished with this site, it will certainly be more peaceful and welcoming here! 🌞

      • Tomislav Zlatic


        I’m also pretty sure it’s the same person changing their nickname, but who knows. Either way, I’m happy to know that BPB has 300,000 monthly visitors who are clearly happy with the work we do. :)

        • Wow Tomislav, congratulations on the continued success of BPB, well done you and the Team at BPB and thank you all.
          Considering that you started BPB on your own and have built it up with a passion and positive energy over the years, and with a great community of developers and readers all contributing and helping others as well, it’s a great achievement and very much appreciated 🙏🙂❤️

  4. Excellent and yet deleted. No presets and I don’t have time to go through 1000s of potential sound parameters to see what it can do. It could be VERY interesting.

    • If you throw away your non-preset-capable Minimoog, can I has it? :-)

      To be fair, it’s labeled as a v0.8, a beta, so yeah don’t expect perfection and presets for now. Hopefully the final version will fix that, it matters to some users.

      And I hope BPB will post when the v1.0 will be out. Advertising betas is sure nice for the more adventurous, but the final version will surely deserve some publicity! :-/

  5. I don’t know but you can do a simple reese bass by using that synth
    simulate the quantum entanglement, a couple of distortion plugins and boom you get a simple reese bass.

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