MNTRA Instruments Releases FREE Reson Modular Synth Library


MNTRA Instruments have released a new free modular synth sample library called Reson, which runs in their free MNDALA sampler.

MNTRA Instruments have many sample libraries in their arsenal. They cover a wide range of styles with a common thread of sound design to create new sounds out of existing instruments.

Some of their sample libraries are free including the Sur Drone or Petrof Piano, which we have covered before.

And now, they have released Reson, a free, condensed version of their Vespera library.

MNTRA describe Vespera as a “Transformed Tube Driven Modular Synth”. It comes in two versions: Standard and Pro. 

Vespera attempts to blur the line between acoustic and electrosynthesis. And MNTRA has done so by re-amping modular synths and sending their signals through resonating objects.

The result is synth sounds that are textural and massive, with tons of distortion and character.

With Reson, you can access 4 out of the 83 sound sources of Vespera, and 17 presets to get you started with the sounds this library has to offer. 

The sounds range from lush and ambient pads to percussive sequences, extending to braam-like impacts, and you can check out some of them in this demo video.

You get 3 octaves of range, smaller than most synthesizers, but still plenty to mess with and create your compositions.

As for tweaking sounds, how Reson works is you can blend 3 of the provided sound sources as well as a global volume, and a “hold” function.

The “Matrix” tab of the MNDALA engine is where you can customize the volume and pan envelope for each of the 3 sound sources. You can control them via MIDI CCs as well for a smoother sound.

The MNDALA engine also provides several FX and a sequencer among other things, which gives you a lot to play with.

While the Reson library has a limited number of presets and sound sources, they do sound very good and MNDALA provides a good amount of control to dial in the presets further.

Last but not least, the UI is very nice. I like that you’re presented with few controls, with more to access via the other sections of the sampling engine.

Reson runs in MNTRA Instruments’ own free sampling engine called MNDALA which is available for Windows and macOS, in VST3 and AU formats.

Download: Reson (FREE – Requires MNTRA Instruments MNDALA)


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