Eftilo releases Mogano, a FREE overdrive plugin for macOS and Windows


Eftilo is a relatively new venture, and Mogano is the second release, following the debut plugin, Scirocco.

More importantly, Mogano is the developer’s first freebie, and it’s available to download now.

Jacopo, the one-man band behind Eftilo, says, “I believe that everyone should have access to high-quality audio plugins, regardless of their budget.” So, we might see more freebies and budget-friendly plugins in the future.

Mogano is a free and easy-to-use, one-knob overdrive plugin; crank it clockwise for more overdrive, and that’s about it. Of course, there’s more to it under the hood.

Eftilo took inspiration from the Tone Control module in Scirocco, which enables continuous transitions from low-pass to high-pass.

The inspiration from Scirocco leads Mogano into a less common approach to overdrive. Rather than blend a hard-clipped and filtered signal with the original, perhaps like some popular overdrive pedals, Mogano emulates parts of a VCF (voltage-controlled filter) typically found in synths.

Regarding popular overdrive pedals, I recommend checking out some of the many Klon Centaur emulations, like The Klone from Fazertone.

The result is a soft-clipped, unfiltered tone with no emphasis on any specific frequency range. The aim is to create a versatile overdrive effect for more than just guitar sounds.

This intention is music to my ears because, as I’ve said before, my guitar playing leaves much to be desired. But I love anything that adds a bit of crunch to electric piano tones.

I know that most VSTs come with effects or overdriven presets, and they are great; I’m a big fan of Neo-Soul Keys from Gospel Musicians. But I’ll always try new options, especially if they’re free!

Mogano is certainly crunchy when you want it to be, but I like that it responds well to dynamics.

That sounds like I have low expectations, but some effects or presets always sound the same. I love a good Rhodes or Wurly sound that’s smooth when I sit back and aggressively crunchy when I dig in; Mogano is an easy way to get there, so I like it.

Mogano is available in 64-bit AU and VST3 formats for macOS and Windows.

Download: Mogano (FREE)


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      • Seems like a good deal to me. I like AAS.

        String and Chroma are power, unfortunately too expensive for me though.

        Really old, so, what? It’s efficient and stood the test of time? Okay?

        Really sucks? Bad sounds? Terrible UI Compared to?


  1. lessismore74


    The path to get this free plugin is a little odd. Instead of downloading the demo, you need to click LOG IN, and then register and sign up. Then if you return to the download page while logged in, the button will change to DOWNLOAD, and that is where you can get the free plugin.

  2. Fanan Team has released the free Spacelifter 4, which they say represents the next chapter in the evolution of their modular space effect, bringing a big, dramatic echo-reverb sound.

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