Sonic State will offer the Waves Flow Motion FM Synth for FREE


Sonic State is teaming up with Waves to give away the Waves Flow Motion FM Synth plugin for 48 hours. 

The publisher is running the giveaway starting on June 22, 2024, and ending 48 hours later on June 24. 

To lock in your free copy of the Mac and Windows synth, submit your email via the link on the announcement page, and Sonic State will email out the information on how to access your copy. 

You’ll need to have a free Waves account to access the promotion, as the plugin will be credited to your Waves account. 

The Waves Flow Motion FM Synth is a $99 synth, which is also currently on sale at the Waves site for $30.

Waves describe the plugin as an FM synth engine with virtual analog processing, and the tagline for the release is “The dominant ‘80s synth sound–reborn.”

As you can hear on the numerous audio demos hosted on the Waves product page for the synth, the tagline is quite accurate, as listening to it gives instant ‘80s nostalgia. 

When describing the Flow Motion FM Synth, Waves namechecks the Yamaha DX7 synthesizer as a source of inspiration. This 1983 FM synth release was a game-changer and became the first successful digital synthesizer.

Waves’ goal for Flow Motion is to make FM synthesis “playful and easy” via a plugin release. 

As the developer explains, “The graphic FM modulation matrix gives you instant visual feedback: simply drag-and-drop assignments between the four oscillators, each with independent waveform control. 

Furthermore, you can “choose from over 1000 presets that combine FM and analog tech for screaming leads, rich pads, floor-shaking basses, and big polysynths.”

The four-oscillator synth engine offers frequency and phase modulation, and the release has an analog synth filter, VCA, and four envelope/LFO modulators.

For ease of editing, the interconnections between the oscillators give you clear visual feedback.

Waves also included a 16-step sequencer with up to 16 recallable snapshots per patch.

You can run the Flow Motion FM Synth as a plugin or standalone instrument, making it a breeze to run in the studio or live.

Rounding out the release is a range of effects to further dial in your sound.

All in all, there’s a lot under the hood to love with the Flow Motion FM Synth, and the upcoming promo is a great opportunity to pick up a quality synth without laying down any moolah. 

Download: Flow Motion FM Synth (FREE for 48 hours – Waves account required)


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  1. Thanks to Waves, Sonic State and BPB for this freebie.
    Freebees from Waves are usually effects, I already have too many of these. Looking forward to getting this synth.

  2. Konstantin K


    Updated info (from email):

    “…after which you will be able to redeem it with Waves within … 72hrs (Waves have extended the deadline to 25th June 9am EST)”

    • I signed up days ago before it started. Tried again yesterday. Tried again today. Nothing. They sure did send me an ad to buy other things, but no freebie. Yes. I checked my junk folder and my waves account.

  3. I filled out the Google form, but has anyone received the confirmation email we supposedly have to click on? What email address did it come from?

  4. Hi everyone! For those who managed to open it in FL Studio, could you please tell me which path to specify?

    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Waves\Plug-Ins V14\Flow Motion.bundle\Contents\Win64


      I’m running it in FL Studio (latest version) too, and though it tested fine in Reaper, it freezes the entire Windows 10 PC and leaves no option but to do a power button shutdown then restart. It is really frustrating.

      The Waves site has a Support reply to an FL Studio user. It says it is essential to only load the VST3 version of the plugin, but omits any description of how to disarm others, so it is a useless bit of ‘help’. Seems like the Waves Support Team must have assisted with a bit of remote troubleshooting. That isn’t great as far as security goes. It would have been better to have described where the other versions are located, and how best to deactivate them.

      Maybe someone will know a solution and add it here.

  5. Hi all! A newbie here. I have installed the synth via the Waves portal. I can access the app as standalone, but the plugin can’t be found within Ableton Live 12. Any guidance would be great, thanks!

  6. TheMusicMaker


    Guys, I am warning you this app even though is a free app, I am very thankful, it is not a new product.
    This was released something like 5 years ago.
    Today is the first time ever I heard of this so I believe it didnt make much noise.
    Talking about noise, also sounds, this synth sounds pretty average. If you put it side by side with say Massive X, you can easily appreciate the difference. The sound sounds cheap and muddy. There are some sounds you can use depending on where you want to use them but yes those are usable.
    Again, keep in my this is not a new release, it is just a synth from many that didnt take off at the time of launching, for a reason.

  7. Legowelt has released “the Legowelt magic DX7 cart” that can be loaded in VSTs like Dexed

    He says it contains lots of dreamy and archaic dark ambient pads. It is free.

  8. Still on MacOS Catalina, so it won’t install because of the new Waves Central v15 needing a newer OS…
    Waves’ helpful website says that in order to install, I need an upgrade to Waves Central v14, lol

    I assume they won’t give the downgraded v14 version of the plugin, at least not for free.

    After their last PR debacle and subsequent retreat, should I attempt to contact Customer Support?
    I’m gun shy.

    I’m so burnt on them, I think I’ll pass. Am I wrong to think this way?

    Too bad, might’ve been fun. But in the end, do I really need another synth? I’m probably better off focusing on the ones I already have, and just getting down to making some music, rather than chasing my tail with Waves.

    • Michal Ochedowski


      Waves plugin versions are backwards compatible. If you own license v15, than you can also install v14. Detailed instructions can be found on Waves website.

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