Witch Pig releases FREE Bangkok Ping Pong Delay Plugin


Developer Witch Pig has released Bangkok Ping Pong, a free delay plugin for macOS and Windows.

Tom Coote is the man behind Witch Pig, and if you visit his website, you’ll find all sorts of freebies, from plugins to presets and Kontakt libraries.

Bangkok Ping Pong is the latest freebie from Witch Pig, and it’s Tom’s take on the classic ping pong delay.

We all understand the concept of a ping-pong delay, with the delay/repeats bouncing back and forth from left to right or vice versa. We’ve also had some cool freebies, like Baby Audio’s Keylay (the Baby Comeback clone).

A ping pong delay, often in combination with various other effects, can be a hugely transformative tool. You can be relatively subtle and add life to dull sounds, or you can go flat-out and create evolving soundscapes that can be brutal or dreamy.

Sometimes, a ping-pong delay can sound a little boring, for lack of a better word.

This plugin is interesting because it applies a sort of auto-wah effect to the repeats, which varies the tone, adding character and movement.

Like a typical wah-wah effect, the plugin uses a notch filter to boost specific frequencies and move them across the spectrum. To tweak this effect, you adjust the LFO and Frequency knobs.

The LFO sets the width of the notch on the filter, and the Frequency adjusts the speed of the side-to-side movement.

Although the result isn’t a typical wah-wah sound, the tonal variation is enough to make an average sound more interesting and exciting.

Basic delay controls, Balance, Delay, and Feedback, are on the left side of the slightly hypnotic GUI.

The Balance control allows you to start hard right/left or down the middle as a standard delay.

The Delay knob sets the delay time; alternatively, you can sync to the BPM of your track and set the delay to quarter notes, half notes, or 15th notes, etc. Feedback sends the signal back around.

You’ll find links to the developer’s website and YouTube channel along the top of the interface, as well as some handy presets.

As we’ve passed the middle of the month, here’s a reminder that you can grab Rhodes V-Pan or Krotos Simple Monsters free with any purchase at Plugin Boutique (offer ends June 30th).

Don’t forget to check out the other freebies on the Witch Pig website, too!

Download: Bangkok Ping Pong (FREE)


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James is a musician and writer from Scotland. An avid synth fan, sound designer, and coffee drinker. Sometimes found wandering around Europe with an MPC in hand.


  1. A longtime BPB visitor


    It MUST BE pointed out, that this is an elaborate ploy to get subscribers on Youtube, therefore boosting one’s channel.

    You CAN NOT access/download the plugins otherwise.
    It is literally IMPOSSIBLE.

    This is not okay – and shouldn’t be advertised – PERIOD.
    Grade A reporting yet again.

      • A longtime BPB visitor


        That is not the point… “LOL”

        It is a ploy to generate traffic to another page, and there is zero information about third party cookies and/or data collection mentioned in a FAQ or legal imprint.

    • Avatar photo

      James Nugent


      Thanks for the comment, and sorry that you’re not happy with the download method. But, many freebies, with some exceptions, require an email address or favour of some sort in exchange for the plugin. In most cases, it’s nothing malicious, and it’s usually a small/new developer hoping to build a following/mailing list, and I don’t mind that, if it helps them out, and isn’t overly intrusive.

      In this case, you can unsubscribe instantly, if that’s your preference, and you wouldn’t receive any emails or YouTube notifications. It’s less intrusive than many freebie requirements.

      • A longtime BPB visitor


        The point is, James, you have NOT disclosed this fact in your article at all. In fact, you didn’t do that in any article you wrote about Witch Pig.

        Forcing you to go via Youtube in order to unlock a Dropbox link, while not mentioning any “third party data collection”, is absolutely shady by any dev that does this. Nothing positive about userbase generation. In fact, any developer that forces you to click link A, wait for confirmation from page B, then click link B, then wait for confirmation from page C, and only then are you allowed to access a freebie… needs to be called out! PERIOD!

        In fact, a lot of recent articles on BPB are just rambling, rambling, rambling without getting to the point, You barely find technical information (as in: OS needed, plugin variant, third party tool needed like Kontakt Full), there are the weirdest random references. At this point, reading BPB feels like trying to follow a recipe, where the writer is like “but first, let me tell you a story about my great-great-grandfather trying to cross the ocean”, and then at the every end, there is one paragraph “oh here is where to get things”.

        BPB needs to be better than this.

        • Avatar photo

          James Nugent


          On the whole, we do provide information on things like OS requirements, plugin formats, which version of Kontakt is needed, etc. However, there are occasions when developers offer very limited or no information regarding OS versions, and I can only confirm that a plugin works on my current system.

          Regarding the lack of information on third-party data collection, I understand that users always have privacy concerns, and I try to flag any obvious ones that will cause a backlash in the comments. Obvious is anything likely to put readers off because it expects more than what’s typical. I didn’t consider it any worse than typical in this case, so I didn’t flag it. Personally, I have no issue with a small dev using a freebie to generate traffic on a YT page, and I think it’s unlikely that many sources pointing people in the direction of this plugin will discuss 3rd party data collection between the website, YT, and Dropbox. But if it’s an issue for readers, I’ll flag it in the future.

          As for the writing style, I can only speak for myself because we all differ slightly. I try to pass on the information we have but also be conversational rather than pasting it from the developer’s website. I do that because I learn a lot from reader comments, and I’d like to write like there is some connection in appreciation of that. I understand that not everyone will like it, and I won’t always get the balance right, as I aim to. If any reader feels we/I need to improve, I take that on board and appreciate the feedback; thank you.

        • Tomislav Zlatic


          We are doing our best to keep BPB a valuable resource, and James is doing a fantastic job. Our 300k monthly visitors prove that BPB is very much loved.

          • Obviously “A long Time BPB User” is a troll

            It is best to not bother answering him/her/they

            Personally I am a long time BPB User myself, and I find many of my posts having to be moderator approved?

            How can that be when you let “A Long Time BPB User” troll you like this ?

            • I agree with you that he’s a troll (and I’m pretty sure it’s our old bedroomproducersblog pal who has a history of losing his mind over the most mundane bs; the one who likes to throw accusations and insults at the blog authors and site owner).

              But what is up with *you* now directing your ire at the site owner? Is everyone taking their turns losing their heads on this website? Good christ, man, ease up a little on Tom, he’s a good dude. I just don’t get where the animosity here keeps coming from. It’s f’ing weird…

              • Tomislav Zlatic


                Hey Brenny, I’m sure Numanoid didn’t mean anything bad. He’s a long-time BPB supporter and is a household name here in the BPB comments section, much like you! :)

                Thank you both for your support and everyone else posting helpful comments and making our community so great.

            • Tomislav Zlatic


              Hey Numanoid, thanks for supporting BPB for such a long time. Your comments are always welcome!

              I’m working on a system that will enable users to register and post comments so that there’s no moderation queue at all. It’s going live soon, along with a website design uplift I’m working on. It’s taking me a long time to implement these changes because I’m trying to make it as smooth as possible, with zero hiccups on launch.

    • Developer’s beware, why make plugs free when there is a backlash from “A Longtime BPB Visitor”

      You get complaints from users that are so cheap, frugal, and Scrooge like that they can’t even stomach having to Youtube sub to get a plug !

  2. Michael Jackson


    I had a problem downloading Bangkok Ping Pong delay at first and click on the subscribe (though I didn’t subscribe because I am burned-out on “subscribe” and “create new account” – which only ends in my spam folder). So I download all the other plugins (they are hosted on their Dropbox account) and was able to download Bangkok Ping Pong at the end.

  3. a longtime mrg user


    Just click the Subscribe button, let the new tab on your browser open, wait a few seconds and click the Download link who has magically turned on without even having to subscribe in reality. YOU DONT HAVE TO SUBSCRIBE, it’s okay, your google/youtube account virginity is intact.

    I’m a longtime critic of the state of word “freeware” being misused in the recent years. And while some devs are a bit too into the clicks and the baits and the whatnots, some as in the case here, are not forcing you, albeit a little sneakily, also let people without accounts (which is my case) access their stuff for -real- free.

    At least it works that way here, am I the only one? Am I the Annointed One, the Prophecy? If so, disregard. mrg. :x

  4. Well, just because of Longtime BPB relentless commentary, I just went ahead picked me up a freebie Ping Pong delay! How bout that.

    Thanks James, and BPB for all you do. I really enjoy the updates and freebies you guys share. Cheers!

  5. Is it just me or does the cool center animated graphic only exist in the YouTube demo? All I have in the center is a “Click her to add jif” message . Also just 5 presets were included with this plugin, right? MacOSX installed it on both my Macbook Pro and iMac M1 and both are missing the cool animation. Was there something additional I had to do on install?

    • Just a thought, it could simply be a validating/permission problem. The HELP page on WItchpig site has some instructions to fix validation on OSX systems. Perhaps redownload the plugin, just in case of a transfer problem (albeit I doubt it).
      If not fixed after those, contact the dev with the issue, system infos (version of OS, DAW, etc…). It might help them fix it.

  6. My question about the center graphic/animation vanished. All I have in that space is a black void that says “click here to add JIF” tried on two different Macs. Am I missing something to get that cool animation?

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