Plugin Boutique’s July Gift offers Frostbite 2 or EQuivocate FREE with any purchase


It’s a new month, and we have a new gift from the folks over at Plugin Boutique, offering Frostbite 2 or EQuivocate free with any purchase.

Throughout July 2024, you can grab Frostbite 2 or EQuivocate free with any qualifying purchase at Plugin Boutique.

As always, a qualifying purchase is anything with a value above $0, and you can’t pay in full with virtual cash or coupons (anything under 100% is OK).

Frostbite 2 is a modular spectral freezing plugin with Feedback and Ring Modulation.

It offers a flexible signal flow, allowing you to freely arrange the modules and work in serial or parallel modes. The flexible plugin also boasts an LFO with multiple destinations, over 70 presets, and a resizable GUI.

The Freeze module has three modes: Spectral, Reverb, and Convolution. The word freeze makes it easy to imagine a wall of sound or a neverending soundscape, and that’s part of it.

Frostbite 2 is fantastic for creating vast, atmospheric soundscapes, but it’s a handy reverb/delay effect when you want to be more subtle.

One of the things I love about Frostbite 2 is the ability to freeze certain notes to create a lush, evolving bed to play over. If you introduce a little feedback to the melody, a few notes will go a long way. I think Freostbit2 will be a popular choice.

The other plugin on offer is EQuivocate by Newfangled Audio.

EQuivocate is a graphic EQ with some very useful mixing and mastering features.

Unlike many graphic EQs, EQuivocate uses a linear phase FIR (finite impulse response) filter to provide a more accurate connection between what you hear and what you see on your screen.

One of the more popular features of EQuivocate is Match EQ, which matches the tone of one track to another.

Match EQ is ideal if you have a reference track you want to get close to, even if it’s just to get you in the right ballpark and done at the touch of a button.

The plugin uses 26 auditory filters modeled on the human ear. EQuivocate focuses on how we hear and perceive sound/pitch (MEL Scale) to ensure transparent and musical results.

Adjusting the 26 bands is both in-depth and intuitive: you can fine-tune individual bands or draw a curve across the entire spectrum.

Along with the Match EQ function, the plugin comes with a bunch of artist presets, which is more than we can cover in a few words here.

If neither of these plugins takes your fancy, you can grab Waldorf Edition 2 LE free with any purchase at ADSR Sounds.

I love these monthly freebies; I know we have to spend something, so the more pedantic out there might be quick to point out that it’s not technically free, but long may these deals continue!

Check out the deal: Frostbite 2 or EQuivocate (FREE with any qualifying purchase @ Plugin Boutique throughout July)


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  1. I’ve just grabbed these with NI’s fm8 and kontour, and I got the June gifts with Razor! Excellent synths and FX!

    • I also took FM8 last year for 10$ and I’m also going to take RAZOR. They sound really great, especially for the price!

  2. Grabbed EQuivocate, but iLok not activating on this one :( Eventide’s Registration page won’t register from free PluginBoutique offer according to their FAQ. Very frustrating, no responses from Support, however it IS a holiday currently, so we’ll see

    • Hey Jambo, i hope this will work for you, maybe worth a try…

      Q – How do I register a plugin I bought on (H910)?
      They say I have to enter the code they gave me on this website and I’ll get a License code for the iLok.
      I’m signed in, but I can’t find the “Register New Product” link.

      A- To register your plug-in, please go to the top right corner of the Eventide website and locate My Account > Register a New Product and select “Native Plug-in” for the product category.

      Good luck

      I got this info rom here:

    • Support let me know it was a server issue… iLok registered now! Looking forward to checking it out :)

  3. Boutique in kothapet.


    EQuivocate is a fantastic linear phase equalization gain, with an excellent match function. Understand it.

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