IK Multimedia offers FREE Mesa Mark III guitar amp this month


IK Multimedia is giving away a free Mesa Mark III and matching cab for new AmpliTube 5 Custom Shop (CS) users throughout July.

AmpliTube 5 CS is the free version of IK Multimedia’s virtual guitar and bass workstation for Mac and Windows.

Mesa/Boogie launched the Mark III in 1985, and the amp is a three-channel, high-gain design. 

The amp has been used by many legendary guitarists over the years, including David Gilmour, Steve Lukather and John Petrucci. 

Now you can add the Mark III  to your collection, thanks to the official Mesa Boogie certified emulation by IK Multimedia.

IK Multimedia provided some background on the amp, saying, “It features a fantastic set of sonic sculpting options plus a three-channel setup: Rhythm, a distinct midrange ‘Crunch’ Rhythm, and a Lead channel – each with independent gain and master volume controls.”

The company continues, saying, “The Mesa Boogie Mark III is favored by various artists for its tight, articulate, and crushing tone. It’s a dream amp to have in your guitar arsenal.”

IK Multimedia also noted that the accompanying virtual cab is based on the cab of the Mesa Boogie Mark III 1×12 Combo Amplifier.

The giveaway is part of an ongoing promotion by IK Multimedia, and the developer will be giving away AmpliTube gear monthly throughout the rest of 2024.

To get your free amp, start by creating a new account for AmpliTube 5 CS using the IK Product Manager.

The giveaway is supposedly only for new AmpliTube 5 CS users and is dependent on the month of registration – in this case, July.

If you’re an existing  AmpliTube 5 CS user and want to get the freebie anyway, Bedroom Producers Blog user Ryujin Ayato suggested a workaround that can allow existing users to pick up the freebie.

You can see Ayato’s method in the comments below our article about last month’s IK Multimedia giveaway here

Note that this method for redeeming the amp freebie as an existing user has not been tested by Bedroom Producers Blog, and we cannot vouch for whether it works. 

Last month, IK Multimedia gave away a Fender ’57 Custom Champ amp sim combo for  AmpliTube 5 CS users, although that promotion has now expired.

You can expect new amps to drop each month for the rest of the year. 

Check out the deal: Mesa Mark III (FREE for new AmpliTube5 Custom Shop users throughout July)


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  1. I tried RYUJIN AYATO workaround and it still doesn’t show after unauthorizing, reauthorizing in both Amplitube and Custom shop CS. Anyone having the same issue?

    • I also do not see it in the IK product manager. However, it is enabled when opening the plugin itself.

      Does anybody see it in the product manager?

    • Make sure you un-authorize each instance of Amplitube on all the computers you have it on. It doesn’t work if you only un-authorize only one computer if you have it on multiple machines.

    • Having the same problems. Did the unauthorizing -> reauthorizing -> refresh -> restore my purchase. Nothing is happening.

    • I clicked on the notification thing in the product manager and it says it was added in one of the alerts

  2. Impossible to get it, the authorize / unauthorize doesnt work.
    Some says that you need to unauthorize on ALL computers, but you can’t do that if you some are inaccessible (like installed on a previous windows version).
    The process is so complicated, and it doesn’t even work… Doesn’t feel like a gift (and it is actually not one, as it doesn’t work).
    Please IK, make this gift process more accessible 😥

    • in the article


      “The giveaway is supposedly only for new AmpliTube 5 CS users and is dependent on the month of registration – in this case, July.”

  3. Just tried the following and it worked.

    Full Steps:

    1) Open IK Multimedia Product Manager

    2) Unauthorize AmpliTube 5 CS

    3) Authorize AmpliTube 5 CS

    -> Mark III registered as a free product
    -> 1 x 12 Mark III registered as a free product

  4. I only have the SE version of
    However, AmpliTube 5 also has the
    Mesa Mark III for free ! The authorize / unauthorize works !!!
    Thank you brp

  5. Well the described method worked as described, now I’m just updating and waiting for launch it again and see if they’re really added

  6. Ok. Thanks. I did but didn’t try it yet. The process was so easy with these steps someone already posted:
    1) Open IK Multimedia Product Manager
    2) Unauthorize AmpliTube 5 CS
    3) Authorize AmpliTube 5 CS

    I don’t have any dead computers with another IK manager so it was that easy and no downloading at all because I have the ampitube already. So why not take the acces to that amp also if it’s versatile enough.

  7. To summarize the process

    1. Open IK Multimedia Product Manager
    2. Unauthorize AmpliTube 5 CS
    3. Authorize AmpliTube 5 CS


    * This will only work when you don’t have Amplitube 5 CS authorized on a dead computer
    * The computer you’re currently using should be the only one using/authorized Amplitube 5 CS
    * It is not possible to restore your authorisation from a dead computer (I’ve contacted IK Multimedia for this)

    Hope this makes the process clear and what to expect.

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