Free Dubstep MIDI Grooves By Subaqueous


Subaqueous has released Free Dubstep and Downtempo MIDI Drums, a collection of 44 drum grooves in MIDI format, from his first album Wave Pulse.

Dubstep MIDI drum grooves by Subaqueous.

Dubstep MIDI drum grooves by Subaqueous.

The pack also features a small Ableton Live set, which includes all the MIDI groove sequences layered and ready for use.

I have started to get in the habbit of creating midi drum grooves when I am producing music. I also spend hours learning and drawing out new grooves to increase my library. This is my first release of one of these collections.

This is a collection from some of my songs from my first album Wave Pulse as well as other downtempo dubstep midi drums that I have been working on. Included is 44 drum grooves separated by High Hat, Kick, Brass/Snare, and Other Percussion. I also included a small ableton live set that just has them layered out so you can add your own drum rack and play around with them.

Dubstep MIDI grooves are available for free download via Subaqueous’ website.


Download Dubstep MIDI Grooves: click here
Subaqueous’ Website: click here

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  1. Thanks for posting this article! Glad to share some of the sound design and production work I have been doing. The website also has loads of articles, free downloads and jazz.


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