SlickHDR Released By Variety Of Sound!

SlickHDR by Variety Of Sound.

SlickHDR by Variety Of Sound.

Variety Of Sound has released SlickHDR, the long awaited free “psychoacoustic dynamic processor” effect in VST plugin format for Windows.

SlickHDR is a “Psychoaccoustic Dynamic Processor” which balances the perceived global vs. local micro dynamics of any incoming audio. SlickHDR contains a coupled network of three dynamic processors with two of them running in a “stateful saturation” configuration and one based on look-ahead pro-cessing.

SlickHDR is available for free download via Variety Of Sound (13.7 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit VST plugin format for Windows).

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This is Bootsie’s first release since the magnificent ThrillseekerVBL vintage broadcast limiter which was released back in July 2013. That same plugin ranked as #1 on our list of the 20 finest freeware VST plugins from 2013.

SlickHDR is a complex dynamic processor based on a network of three individual dynamic processors (two of which are based on the Stateful Saturation algorithm which was used in the Thrillseeker plugin series by VOS). It somewhat follows the philosophy of HDR (High Dynamic Range) image processing which enhances the look of images which were taken in poor conditions.

I still haven’t heard the plugin in action, but I’m expecting a good transparent tool for slight adjustments of the dynamic range. Less is often more with these kind of plugins. They’re not intended to make wonders out of nothing, but to make good mixes sound even better and to make great mixes sound magical!

An in-depth manual is included in the download pack, explaining the structure of the plugin, as well as the basic workflow. Make sure that you’ve read the manual before using the plugin in your important projects. Manuals for VOS plugins are always an interesting read, offering a good insight into the features and some hidden tricks of the provided software.

Only two hours after the official release of SlickHDR, Variety Of Sound has released a hotfix which contained an alternative smaller version of the GUI. Both the large and the small version of the GUI are now included in the download pack on the VOS website.

If you’re looking forward to adding SlickHDR to your VST plugin collection, make sure that you start your download soon. Variety Of Sound had download issues several times in the past on release days, since they were hitting the host’s daily download limit very fast.

What are your expectations regarding SlickHDR? Is HDR audio processing something we can benefit from or is it just a buzzword? Submit your thoughts in the comment section!


Download SlickHDR: click here

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  1. Oh how I wish VOS’s plugs were available in 64 bit audio units. Since I switched I’ve been missing these plugins a lot.

    Does anyone know if Jbridge supports VOS plugins? I may grab it if VOS is supported.

    • You can run 32 bit plugins in 64 bit DAW with no problems. For example Cockos Reaper has native support for bridged plugins, you don’t need nothing more. If your DAW can’t do this, use jBridge.

      • JFTR: There WERE several problems in Cubase 5 64bit with the internal bridge. So, many people use(d) JBridge. I started with Cubase 6 64bit and never had any problem with 32bit VSTs in version 6, 6.5 or 7. Seems that Steinberg did their homework to get rid of the errors in version 5 ;-)

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