Synth1 Virtual Synthesizer VST/AU Plugin

Synth1 by Ichiro Toda.

Ichiro Toda has released another update for his legendary Synth1 virtual analogue synthesizer, introducing a 64-bit VSTi plugin version for Windows and AU plugin version for Mac based digital audio workstations.

Ichiro Toda has released new beta versions of the freeware Synth1 plug-in for Windows and Mac OS X. The Windows v1.13 Beta 1 release adds a 64-bit VST version whilst the Mac v1.13 Beta 7 release adds an Audio Unit version (32-bit only for now).

Apart from these important updates, the new version of Synth1 includes a bugfix which improves the performance in the MusicMaker application. The current state of the update is beta and an official stable release is expected soon. There are no changes in terms of functionality when compared to previous versions of the plugin.

With so many years as the undisputed champion of the freeware synthesizer scene under its belt, Synth1 keeps evolving in order to adapt with current technologies. Users who jumped to 64-bit versions of Windows host applications can now use this great freebie once again. The Mac crew can also use the plugin in all DAW programs capable of hosting AU plugins.

Do you still use Synth1 in your music? I always keep it installed on my machine and I’ve used it as my main live performance instrument for more than two years, before switching to Tyrell N6. Either way, Synth1 still remains one of the most capable freeware synthesizers around, capable for generating an enormous variety of different sounds without hogging down the CPU.

You’ll find the links to some of my favorite Synth1 sound banks in the free synth round-up article. Many thanks to Ichiro Toda for still improving this legendary instrument. Also, another thanks goes out to BPB reader UserFX for sending me a heads-up about the update.

Video Demo

Check out the Synth1 demo video:


Synth1 is available for free download at the official website (820 kB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VSTi/AUi plugin format for Windows & MacOS).

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  1. I’ve been running the 32 bit version bridged in REAPER for a long time without problem, but of course a 64 bit native version is always preferable. The more 32 bit plugs I can get rid of the better.

    I love this little synth though. Been with me a long time and I still use it a lot.

    • Bedroom Producers Blog


      What do you mean by set it up – installing it or something else? Regarding the installation process, all you need to do is to copy the contents of the installation pack to your plugins folder.

  2. Is there MIDI Learn facility on Synth1? I can’t see one and the manual doesn’t mention it. I want to use MIDI CC messages to control parameters.

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