The Deepest Sampled Drum Kit In The World – And It’s 100% FREE! (1.9 GB Download)


Free Drum Sample library!

SM MegaReaper Drumkit is an impressive free multi-sampled acoustic drum kit sound library, featuring up to 127 velocity layers and 4 round robin layers per articulation! The kit is completely free to download and use.

The drum kit was sampled by Scott Mclean, aka SMM, the same kind and generous REAPER user who brought us the brilliant Free 1960s Ludwig Oyster Blue Pearl Drum Kit not that long ago. Once again, the mappings were created by Suleiman, aka Burzukh, who did an outstanding job at turning this enormous drum sample library into a playable REAPER instrument.

So, what this FREE drum kit stand out from the rest?

SM MegaReaper Drumkit contains 127 velocity layers and 4 round robin variations for the kick and snare drum. That’s four samples for each note velocity. That is INSANE and incredibly awesome at the same time! Here’s the complete list of included samples:

  • Kick: 127 velocity layers x 2 RR
  • Snare No Ring: 127 velocity layers x 4 RR
  • Snare Studio Ring: 127 velocity layers x 4 RR
  • Snare Rimshots: 51 velocity layers x 2 RR
  • Tom 1: 49 velocity layers x 2 RR
  • Tom 2: 49 velocity layers x 2 RR
  • Tom 3: 49 velocity layers x 2 RR
  • Hi-hat Closed: 127 velocity layers x 2 RR
  • Hi-hat Foot Closed : 46 velocity layers x 2 RR
  • Hi-hat Foot Open: 46 velocity layers x 2 RR
  • Hi-hat Loose: 127 velocity layers x 4 RR
  • Hi-hat Open: 26 velocity layers x 2 RR
  • Ride 17″: 49 velocity layers x 2 RR
  • Ride 17″ Bell: 49 velocity layers x 2 RR
  • Ride 20″: 49 velocity layers x 2 RR
  • Ride 20″ Bell: 45 velocity layers x 2 RR
  • Crash 15″: 45 velocity layers x 2 RR
  • Crash 17″: 45 velocity layers x 2 RR

But things get even better! The snare drum (a 1965 Ludwig 5″x14″ Jazz Festival Snare drum) was recorded with 4 microphone channels (Top, Bottom, Stereo combining Left & Right overheads). The kick drum was recorded with a close mic and L + R overhead microphones. You’ll find more info about the included samples in the user manual (link in the download section below).

The kit is ready for use out-of-the-box in REAPER. If you don’t use REAPER, you can load the provided WAV samples in your sampler of choice. Although there are tons of samples inside, the fact that the samples are clearly labeled should make the task of creating the mappings much easier.

Since using so many velocity layers takes a lot of RAM memory, the mappings are provided in two versions. The FULL version uses all of the samples from the library, while the LITE version uses no random robin variations in order to ensure smooth performance on slower machines.

Before you download the pack, here are some additional notes which were added to the article by Suleiman, who created the mappings for this awesome drum sample kit:

The kicks , toms and snares are multi-channel WAV files and Reaper has one of the few samplers that can handle it. The hats and all cymbals are normal stereo files, so any sampler can handle them.

Tod Stillwell used the same raw files to make his version of the pack, where all the samples are stereo WAV files. He too made a REAPER instrument as well as an amazing Kontakt instrument for his samples (available via Cockos Confederated Forums).

To fully understand the contents of the sample library and to get the best use out of it, it is highly recommended to read the provided user manual. It’s really well written and also quite short (only 21 pages), so it won’t take too much of your time.

Audio Demo

Check out the SM MegaReaper Drumkit LITE audio demo:


These samples were recorded and created by Scott McLean. Scott McLean is offering these drum and cymbal samples to the public royalty free (free of charge) to use in any audio/video production for both commercial and private use. This is a “free use” license. No payment is required to use these samples in any production.


SM MegaReaper Drumkit FULL (1.9 GB download size, needs 6 GB of RAM and 2 GB of HDD space)

SM MegaReaper Drumkit LITE (876 MB download size, needs 4 GB of RAM and 1 GB of HDD space)

SM MegaReaper Drumkit USER MANUAL (PDF file)

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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


      • Finally home and about to try it out. Fiddled around with the sampler a bit while it was downloading. I’m really used to the ease of use of Renoise’s sampler. I honestly can’t believe someone put in the work to build this massive kit out of Samplomatic5000. My god man! That had to have taken ages!

  1. Sorry about the daily limit on Google Drive.

    There will be mirrors in the future. And yes, there is something equally massive planned for the future ;)

    Meanwhile, if someone can re-up this and provide a mirror it would be highly appreciated.

  2. Here is a magnet link for torrenting. Right now, I am the only one with the torrent downloaded. I made the torrent. So if things are slow, don’t be surprised. Also, SEED. Make sure an average of two people get it from you, at least.

    Copy and Paste to browser, and it should open up in most modern torrent clients.

    MOD EDIT // g0nz3r, I’ll get in touch via email and connect you with Suleiman so that you guys can manage the torrent together!

    • Mod- I figured there was no problem with putting up a torrent to help others grab it, after spending days, myself, trying to get the download. It seems like there is no monetizing on the download, as it’s simply linked from here and hosted on Google. Also, the creator, himself, asked for mirrors. The only problem I could see is that a torrent cannot be taken down in the case Suleiman decides he doesn’t want it around.

      Suleiman- If there is an issue with a torrent being up, then I apologize. It’s dead in the water at this point and only three people got in on it in any way. One person grabbed it quickly and ran, without seeding. The others have the slow connections from hell and are still downloading.

      I will stop seeding after the two “slow connections from hell” people get the download.

      • Bedroom Producers Blog


        g0nz3r – no problem with posting it at all. I wanted to double-check with Suleiman first and then add it as a proper link in the article. The link posted in the comments didn’t work, probably because it’s too long.

        • I made sure that it worked, albeit via copy and paste, using two different machines. Also, this was the only place I posted it and 3 people were peers. The trackers are public, however. It’s possible that one of those tracker sweeping search engines picked up on it. I just don’t get why three randoms would download something called “SM MegaReaper Drumkit Full” so quickly. Never underestimate the power of drumkit downloads?

          Suleiman – If you can divide your kits into two parts, then UploadBoy dot com is a good place to upload a mirror. Why two parts? They have a maximum upload size of one gig.

  3. Michial Gueffroy


    I spent 6 hours at my speed downloading your complete zipped file and the owners manual separately. When I copied the manual from my downloads to my desktop, my zip file disappeared from my downloads. I am using Firefox newest version. Windows 7. I never bothered to sign into Google although I could have. Google popped up and asked me whether I wanted to continue with the download as it was too large for them to scan. I said yes. I don’t want nor need Google to interfere with my files as I always scan after the download with Malware Bytes before unzipping and after unzipping before installation. I thank you very kindly for your download and am starting over with the download. I just thought I would let you know that any of the other companies I have downloaded files, samples or Vsts from have never given me a problem and the zipped files have always remained in my download folder. I will be searching Reapers forum about this too. Thanks.

  4. Dave Duquemin


    I have downloaded this kit and after hours of frustration trying to figure out how to get the vst installed into reaper managed to figure it out now, so loaded the kit in reaper and it asked to enter the code to activate, I entered the code it gave me but constantly saying invalid, I am connected to the Internet but this is just more frustration to add to the rest, I’m new to daws and this is really putting me off.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      That’s strange, it should work without any sort of key. Are you trying to use it in REAPER or Kontakt?

  5. Hi, first of all, this is amazing, I can’t even imagine how hard to make something like this is, and for free? wow!
    Now, I have a MIDI drum track, and I want to render it with this kit, but I haven’t figured out how yet, I don’t even know if it is possible
    If anyone can help me I will be eternally grateful

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