Cybermath Is A Free Wavetable Synthesizer VSTi Plugin By Ricardo F. Gomes


Ricardo F. Gomes has released a beta version of Cybermath, a forthcoming freeware wavetable synthesizer in VSTi plugin format for Windows.

Cybermath is still a work in progress (currently at version 0.115). That said, it is an impressive instrument even in its current state. It really is quite an honor to host this little gem on BPB, with the permission of the developer (you can download it directly from our website in the downloads section below and also donate to the developer in order to support his future work).

After loading the plugin, you’ll be welcomed by a well designed and modern-looking user interface. The different sections of the synthesis engine can be reached by clicking the appropriate button in the lower half of the panel, which may not be the most convenient solution because finding the right button to click usually takes some time. On the other hand, the user interface offers some really neat features such as the built-in oscilloscope and the on-screen keyboard which holds the clicked notes (an incredibly useful tool to use while playing around with the waveform editor).

The central part of Cybermath’s synthesis engine is its oscillator section, consisting of two oscillators with the option of designing custom waveforms from scratch. You can draw virtually any waveform shape imaginable using the built-in waveform editor which is surprisingly easy to use. Each of the two oscillators can hold up to two different waveforms which, combined with the phase modulation and feedback features, make the oscillator section itself a rather powerful sound generator (as showcased in the demo video attached to this post).

Cybermath is a free wavetable synthesizer VSTi plugin.

Cybermath is a powerful wavetable synthesizer with user editable waveforms.

No matter how crazy of a timbre you create with the heavyweight category oscillator section and its customizable wavetable oscillators, things will only get crazier once you start adding the other elements of the synthesis engine into the mix. Cybermath features eight fully customizable envelope modulators (things like these make you forget all about the good old ADSR envelopes), an arpeggiator, a multi-mode filter with six different filter types, a powerful effects section (with effects such as chorus, flanger, waveshaping, comb filter, etc.) and a modulation matrix to connect all of these individual elements into what’s basically a sound designer’s dream come true.

And that’s exactly what Cybermath is (or shaping up to become, at least), a sound designer’s dream instrument in the shape of a freeware VSTi plugin!

This is a monster wavetable synthesizer which obviously won’t be everyone’s first pick because of the somewhat unusual and complicated workflow, however it’s one of those instruments which can make wonders in the right hands. If you’re a sound designer or a music producer who enjoys experimenting with wavetable synthesis, you owe it to yourself to download this brilliant piece of work by Ricardo F. Gomes.

Once again, it’s worth noting that Cybermath is still a work in progress. The latest version of the plugin (released yesterday) introduced the option to load and save user made presets. I’m curious to see what the future updates will bring to the table. Many thanks to Ricardo for creating this virtual instrument and for hosting it on BPB!

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Tomislav is a content creator and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief here at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Looks promising! Here’s hoping Ricardo can pull a rabbit out of his hat and implement morphing!

    However, those menu window controls are so 1989. That’s why I don’t use SQ8L, which is awesome.

    • ^ Okay, now I take back what I said about the window controls. They actually make sense in this plugin, which I’m playing with now. I’m really taken aback by how professional the interface is, and the arp and reverb sections are surprisingly sophisticated. Awesome plugin! :D

      • Tomislav Zlatic


        They do make sense, although I’m still having trouble memorizing the location of each button. But the layout works for me, it just takes some time getting used to.

    • Man, what a great synth. I spent few hours whit this baby and It’s fantastic. For me workflow is not to much difficult. FM is great. You can transpose every wave for 5 oct down and modulate it with other waves. Matrix is great. Everything works fine. Little bit early to say, but this is a candidate for the best freebie of the year. :)

  2. Gabriel Garcia


    WOW! I was surprised yesterday with the release of 4 Tune, but now I’m blown away with this one. It’s outstanding the amount of features it has, the built-in effects are really good, and the waveforms that comes with it too! I played with it a while and I can say it sounds really good, but there is a really important feature that is missing: the ability to set the modulation envelopes to “one-shot”, or at least to reset every time you play a note on your keyboard. Maybe the filters can include an ADSR envelope the same way the oscillators do? I don’t know but it’s impressive what he has done so far! Congrats Ricardo! Thanks for this plug, and thanks Tomislav for letting us know! Cheers :)

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Yep, great times for synth lovers! You should also check out Basic by Audio Damage which can be downloaded for free via Splice at the moment (for a limited time only).

  3. I tried again on Ableton live 9.1 and fm parameter,

    i got it working but with configure mode only, by default automation does not work with Ableton live 9.1

  4. That is a really nice, thick sounds. That first bass came through my earbuds and my brain and eyes went Whoa! This needs to become a finished product.

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