Get Over 3 GB Of Free Neurohop Sounds In NHF Sample Pack 002


Neurohop Forum has released NHF Sample Pack 002, an enormous free sound collection featuring over 3 GB of royalty free audio content crafted from scratch by various talented sound designers, music producers and NHF community members.

The sample pack was over six months in the making (here’s the official announcement from back in July 2014) and includes audio content which was contributed by over twenty forum members. A portion of the content was contributed by Poztman, who has recently released the free Mangling Audio sound library on 99Sounds.

NHF Sample Pack 002 contains over 3 GB of royalty free audio material, including one shot drum samples, drum loops, SFX sounds, bass samples, melodic loops, vocal samples and a collection of presets for popular virtual instruments such as NI Massive and Ableton Operator. Most of the samples and loops from NHF Sample Pack 002 will perfectly fit genres like glitch hop, IDM, dubstep, electronica, techno, house, synthwave, and obviously neurohop. The included content is neatly organized into sub folders which are clearly labeled and thus fairly easy to browse.

The amount of high quality sounds included in the pack, combined with the fact that the content is so well organized, makes this free sound library one of the most impressive free soundware releases which I’ve seen in a long while. It would be hard to put a fair price tag on such a huge collection of high quality audio material without going over the $100 mark and the fact that these guys are giving it all away for free is truly astounding. If you want to give a serious boost to your collection of royalty free samples and loops, this impressive free sound pack is the perfect place to start. The Neurohop Forum community deserves the highest praise for their effort and generosity. Let’s hope that they’ll have more stuff for us in the future!

For even more free neurohop sounds, take a look at the last year’s NHF release which includes an additional 2 GB set of free content. Please note that both packs are huge downloads and that it can take up to a couple of hours to download all of the free sounds, depending on the speed and quality your Internet connection. It’s definitely worth the wait, though!


NHF Sample Pack 002 (2.77 GB download size, ZIP archive, 3.57 GB of audio material when extracted, contains 1,888 audio samples and loops in 24-bit WAV format, 33 presets in various formats)

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    • Looks like “Neurohop” is something in between “Neuofunk” (a mix between glitched/retriggered samples, DnB basses and general speed) and “Dubstep” (two step, DnB basses and growls), with “Hip Hop” type beats.

      Interesting, yet if everything “dub-steppified” is called “Neuro”, then I really don’t know what to think of it. Still nice to see such a huge sample library for free.

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