Ample Sound Releases AGML II Free Acoustic Guitar VSTi Plugin


Ample Sound has announced the release Ample Guitar M Lite II, a brand new and completely overhauled version of their fantastic free acoustic guitar virtual instrument available in VST/AU/RTAS/AAX plugin formats for Windows and Mac OS X.

The newly released Ample Guitar M Lite II introduces numerous improvements and a myriad of new features compared to the old freebie version of the instrument. AMGL II now shares the same feature set as the full version of the product and it also comes with the full note range (E1 – C5), whereas the old version of Ample Guitar M Lite had a significantly limited note range (E1 – G#3).

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AMGL II can now also work in standalone mode. If you however still prefer using it as a plugin in your digital audio workstation of choice, you’ll notice that multiple instances of Ample Guitar M Lite II will now load much faster than before and also take up less memory resources (in other words, loading multiple instances of the plugin will now use way less RAM than the previous versions of the instrument). The overall performance is now also improved, due to better and more effective voice management.

Compared to the full version of the product, Ample Guitar M Lite II features a noticeably smaller sample library (848 MB instead of 5.83 GB), smaller bit depth (16-bit instead of 24-bit), and fewer articulations (slides, harmonics and strums are not included in the free version of the instrument). Even with these limitations, Ample Guitar M Lite II is still a highly usable virtual instrument on its own and easily the best free acoustic guitar instrument on the market. I’ve also liked the acoustic guitar sound pack which was included in the old Independence Free rompler (featured on our list of free rompler instruments), however AMGL II sounds slightly more natural and certainly comes with a larger feature set.

To grab your free copy of Ample Guitar M Lite II, simply visit the download page linked below and download the installer which is provided inside a RAR archive. Be careful not to click the wrong download link though, because it’s very easy to accidentally grab the full version of Ample Guitar M which will be installed as a trial version and not a fully functional freeware instrument. Please note that this is a sample based instrument, so the size of the installer is a bit larger than usual when it comes to plugins.

Video Demo

Check out the Ample Guitar M Lite II demo video:


Ample Guitar M Lite II is available for free download via Ample Sound (265 MB download size, RAR archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VSTi/AUi/RTAS/AAX plugin format for Windows & Mac OS X).

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  1. Funny thing is I have a great sounding Yamaha acoustic collecting dust in my closet that I know how to play, yet I would rather use this because I doubt I could make recordings that sound half as good as these :)

  2. So where is the link to this fantastic freebie? On the downloads page i only see a link to the trial version.

  3. A very nice plugin and not too difficult to use with help messages that appear when you hover over things. It also looks good which helps. I particularly like the strummer which is a feature I haven’t seen in a lot of other (free) guitar plugins. The only downer is it can be quite the CPU hog (I’ve found) but that can easily be worked around by rendering the guitar to audio first. I think this will become my new “goto” plugin for acoustic guitar. Thanks for posting.

  4. Hi, it says the samples folder can’t be found (therefore no sound) and if I try to do it manually it won’t save the setting. Any chance to get this working? (Or there is actually no samples folder, the only one I can find is “AGML Library”).
    I use Windows and the 64 bit version and the latest Ableton Live 9 Intro version

    Oh, when I installed it, it said there was a problem with Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 and the problem with that was that I have a newer version of it. But what can I do against this? I guess I can’t just update it :D

      • I’m sure, and it actually confuses me xD
        Maybe the translation is wrong? I’m german.. I’ll try it tomorrow, concentrating on newer versions…
        I tried to install it several times (and I also installed different older versions of Microsoft Visual C++ 2010) but it still doesn’t work :(

        • Tomislav Zlatic


          That is indeed very weird. My suggestion is to contact the developer directly and see if they can help solve the issue.

      • This question is a bit old but I have got the same problem on a Win 8.1 computer. It tries to install an old version of Visual C++. I have checked on the developper site, they say to ignore this and go on, what I did but it didn’t work. Trying to desintall it left a mess on my computer and I had to clean the registry and HD myself. Won’t touch this thing again.


    Ample refuses to repond with answer,…choosing to punk me off on some video that did not answer a single question I asked them!!,…even when I asked them for the difference between free Lite II and the AGM.

  6. I downloaded this today but found it had a loud plectrum click that wouldn’t be removed. It also had a trojan which my anti-virus picked up but I assumed it to be a false-positive and completed the installation. After a few hours, I began to experience a variety of problems with Windows 7, such as non-functioning right-click of mouse and a malfunctioning keyboard, thus necessitating a system restore.

  7. Pro – sounds awesome. Fairly easy user interface.
    Con – Less than 10% of the fretboard is available. E, A, D, G, B strings only work with first 4 frets; the high E string works all the way up the fret board.

    Yep – I took the bait when reviews say the notes available are from E1 thru C5, assuming the entire fretboard works; not so. So you roughly have 42 notes out of around 484 available on the entire fretboard that function. Thought I was doing something wrong, but apparently not. That would also explain why the sample folder size for the Lite version is so small compared to the full install version. Most reviews of this plug-in don’t mention this limitation.

    Summary: Great sound and wonderful for playing open chords/notes in the first 4 fret positions on the neck. If you were thinking about buying this product, the lite version is a great way to try it out without a trial limitation time before buying.

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