MBitFun Is A FREE Bitcrusher By MeldaProduction


MeldaProduction has introduced MBitFun, an advanced bitcrusher effect that is the latest addition to their freeware VST/AU/AAX plugin bundle.

The plugin was released in August this year, along with an alternative multi-band version that is included in the commercial MTotalBundle. The free version of the plugin is included in MeldaProduction’s free MFreeBundle.

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There’s little doubt that MBitFun is one of the most advanced free distortion effects available on today’s plugin market. It’s one of those plugins that are almost impossible to figure out fully without actually reading the user manual.

Sure, you can get some brutal bitcrushing effects out of it just by playing around with different settings, but the real fun begins once you understand all of the different modules and how they affect the signal on the input. If you don’t really like reading user manuals, you can use some of the included presets or play around with the randomization button, leading to some really cool results.

Seriously, the MBitFun offers tons of bitcrushing firepower, but it’s not for everyone.

If you’re only looking for a simple bitcrusher to dirty up your bass sounds, check out some of the less complicated plugins that are listed in our freeware bitcrusher round-up. On the other hand, if you’re the kind of user who enjoys experimenting with advanced effects, MBitFun will be right up your alley.

MeldaProduction’s user interface framework has evolved quite a lot since I’ve last installed their free bundle. The flexibility of the new framework is virtually unlimited and you can tweak MBitFun’s GUI almost completely to your liking.

This is actually the case with the latest versions of all MeldaProduction plugins. Their interfaces are now GPU accelerated, fully resizable, and packed with tons of customization features, all of that without affecting the CPU performance. There are loads of different color schemes to choose from, as well as an array of knobs, sliders, and other GUI elements that can be changed by the user.

If you haven’t installed the MFreeBundle in a while or didn’t like MeldaProduction’s old interface design, now is definitely the right time to give their plugins another try.

Speaking of the MeldaProduction plugin bundle, I must say that I’m definitely not a fan of these types of all-in-one installers.

I do understand that the company prefers to distribute all of their plugins in a single package so that the users can install a large number of products more easily, but this method causes unnecessary bulk when trying to install just a single plugin (or only a few of them).

Also, the installer will always extract a bunch of files to the C drive, even if you choose a directory on another hard drive as the destination during the installation process. This is definitely not cool if the user’s system drive has limited available space, which is often the case on laptops with multiple partitions, or desktop computers with SSD drives.

Download: MBitFun (121 MB download size, EXE installer, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU/AAX plugin format for Windows & Mac OS)


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  1. i agree. downloading a huge pack of data for every single update with 99 percent included not needed plug ins is pure space and time waste. i dont know why they cant offer single downloads, best format archive, and beside that the pack.
    i dont like it too, i heard from plugins of that developer time to time, but because of that i everytime get headache and did not tried it till today. if they would chance for more user friendly ideas im sure i would try and use their plug ins. very bad

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