Waves SuperTap Delay Is FREE This Black Friday!


With less than a week left until Black Friday 2016, Waves Audio has launched a new signup page on their website, inviting everyone interested to pre-order their copy of a free Waves plugin that will be released on November 25. UPDATE: It is now revealed that Waves are giving away SuperTap Delay this Black Friday.

Receiving a Waves freebie on Black Friday has become somewhat of a tradition in the world of music making software, much like the Native Instruments freebies we see every Christmas. Clearly, I’m very excited to see what Waves have in store for us this time around, as their previously released Black Friday freebies have been quite epic, for the most part. Of course, the company will also launch a huge sale on Black Friday, and they’re announcing it as the “biggest sale of the year”.

Before you sign up for your free copy on the page linked below, here’s a quick roundup of the Black Friday freebies that Waves gave away over the past few years. The plugin that started it all was Waves OneKnob Louder (currently priced at $49), released as a freebie back in 2012. The release caused tremendous amounts of hype, as it was the first ever freebie offered by Waves Audio, a company that has a reputation of being one of the most high-end plugin developers on the market.

The following year, Waves released Renaissance Bass ($79 regular price) as their Black Friday freebie, and it’s my favorite one to date. It’s not a plugin that I use on a daily basis, but it does wonders on badly behaving basses (please bow to the worst rhyme of the decade).

The one that came after Renaissance Bass was OneKnob Pumper, a great little faux-sidechain plugin that seems to be everyone’s least favorite Waves freebie, for some reason. I felt really proud of myself, though, as I actually predicted that Waves will release a OneKnob series plugin that will most probably be a faux-sidechain utility. Blogger by day, Sherlock Holmes on Black Friday (yup, time to bow again).

Which brings us to last year’s freebie and that was TrueVerb ($99 regular price), a somewhat older reverb effect that has actually aged surprisingly well. I’m really glad I managed to grab this one for free and I’m hoping that Waves will follow up with a similar type of plugin this year. Something like an EQ perhaps, or maybe a compressor?

Before you go, a word of advice. Waves Audio’s download servers usually go bonkers on Black Friday, so reserve your free copy of this year’s freebie on time if you want to be among the first to give it a try. There will definitely be some downtime once the freebie goes live, so keep that in mind. And finally, many thanks to our reader Chris for letting me know that the signup page has gone live. Cheers!

UPDATE: SuperTap Delay is this year’s Black Friday freebie from Waves! Normally priced at $79, this versatile delay plugin is quite gift. Make sure to download your free copy on time!

Download: Waves Black Friday Freebie (offer valid through Cyber Monday)
More info: Waves SuperTap Delay ($79 standard price)

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