Dave Smith Instruments Introduces REV2 @ NAMM 2017


Dave Smith, the man behind Sequential Circuits and DSI synthesizers, has created a redesigned version of the DSI Prophet ’08 synth named REV2.

Looking at the specs of this polyphonic synthesizer, it appears that Dave Smith has attempted to retain the analog sound and feel of the original instrument while expanding some key features and improving workflow at a more affordable price.  One of the biggest updates in the REV2 is the 16-Voice Polyphony, essentially doubling the amount of the original.

All those voices can come in quite handy when stacking multiple patches together to create new custom sounds. Users can also compose multiple parts and have them all play simultaneously on the arpeggiator and step sequencer thanks to this polyphony upgrade.

REV2 also includes a new waveshape modulation features, allowing the user to physically (or with LFO) dial in the pulse width of the waveform with the “Shape Mod Control”. There is also a slew of onboard effects including reverb, delays (including Bucket Brigade Delays), distortion, ring modulation and more. The effects along with many other parameters can be assigned with the REV2’s modulation matrix. It appears to be similar to the one on the original unit.

For those users wanting to replicate the iconic sounds of the Prophet synth, there are sound libraries that can be downloaded directly to the REV2 to be modified or used to nail that classic tone. The unit itself is semi-weighted and has an internal power supply which means no wall wort! The on-board USB interface lets the REV2 be used as a MIDI controller as well.

The full 16-voice version will be available for $1999 and the 8-voice is $1499. According to what Dave Smith told us at Winter NAMM 2017, they are slated for release end of March or beginning of April.

More info: DSI REV2

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