Synth Magic Releases Free “Easy Peavey” For NI Kontakt & WAV


Synth Magic has released Easy Peavey, a free sound library for NI Kontakt (WAV samples also available) featuring the sounds of the Peavey DPM V3 synthesizer, M-Audio Venom synthesizer, and Korg Volca Beats drum machine.

Easy Peavy comes with a fully customized user interface for Native Instruments Kontakt, although a separate download which contains all the samples in WAV format is available for non-Kontakt users. Even though the library contains samples of three rather different instruments, all of the included sounds are drum hits. The samples cover a wide range of styles, from the late 80s drum hits of the Peavey DPM V3 to the quirky and lo-fi analog sounds of the Volca Beats. Even the M-Audio Venom kit features several interesting drum sounds, my favorite being a sample named “Venom kit 2 -02.wav” which is essentially a beefed up 808 bass drum.

The Kontakt interface is very well made, offering sample tuning and volume controls, a resonant low-pass filter, two ADSR envelopes, a saturation module, and built-in delay and convolution reverb effects. The samples are organized into nine drum kits that are ready to use in NI Kontakt. The convolution reverb includes seven different reverb flavors. The plate reverb mixes very nicely with the Peavey DPM V3 drums, further enhancing their 80s vibe. Please note that the full version of NI Kontakt is required to use the included NKI patches without a 15-minute time limit.

If you don’t own a copy of contact, you can still grab the alternative download which contains all the Easy Peavey samples in WAV format. The WAV pack contains a total of 100 samples (24-bit WAV). The samples are labeled with the gear model they were recorded from, but they aren’t organized into categories by drum type (kick, snare, etc.).

Download Easy Peavey (Kontakt): click here (21.7 MB download size)
Download Easy Peavey (WAV): click here (4.76 MB download size)

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