Red Room Audio Releases Free Snaps Claps Slaps Stomps & Shouts


Red Room Audio has released Snaps Claps Slaps Stomps & Shouts, a free sample library for the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt.

Snaps Claps Slaps Stomps & Shouts is a free instrument based on a collection of sounds performed by a 24-piece mixed choir. The team at Red Room Audio sampled a range of different sounds, from group claps and snaps to various vocal effects and shouts. Also included are group knee slaps and foot stomps. Sounds like these aren’t easy to come by online, especially in the freeware domain, so kudos to Red Room Audio for the originality of this release. It’s even harder to find sounds of these type all packed and ready for use in Native Instruments Kontakt.

As for the Kontakt user interface, it features volume, pan, tune, sample offset, sample length, and size adjustments for the loaded sound preset. The volume of the three recording microphones (close, decca, hall) can also be adjusted separately. A convolution reverb with multiple impulse response is provided along with several distortion and modulation effects.

Listening to the audio demos available on the product page, the samples seem to be well recorded and edited. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to review the library prior to publishing this article because I’m getting an error when trying to add the product to my shopping cart. This is probably just a temporary issue which will soon be fixed by Red Room Audio’s website administrator.

Snaps Claps Slaps Stomps & Shouts is available for free download via Red Room Audio (requires the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt).

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      It’s a new company, so they probably were probably expecting less traffic on launch, hence the downtime. I’m sure it’ll be back online in a day or so.

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