Get AIR Music Technology Vacuum Pro For $1 @ Pluginboutique!


Pluginboutique is running a no-brainer deal on the Vacuum Pro ($129.99 value) virtual analog synthesizer by AIR Music Technology, dropping the price to just $1 for the next two days only!

Vacuum Pro is a virtual analog synthesizer with a twist. It combines a versatile subtractive synthesis engine with the power of vacuum tube circuit modeling to warm up the sound on the output. The instrument features six emulated tubes which saturate the signal to resemble the sonic qualities of vintage analog synthesizers.

The synthesis engine is no slouch, either, featuring four analog-modeled oscillators, two resonant filters, multiple envelopes, dual LFOs, an arpeggiator, and a set of built-in effects. For fans of vintage synthesizers, Vacuum Pro’s engine incorporates Drift and Dust knobs which emulate the tonal imperfections and pitch instability of old hardware. Paired with the synth’s vacuum tube circuit modeling features, the Drift and Dust effects can truly spice up a patch and make it sound like it’s coming from a real vintage synthesizer.

Vacuum Pro is normally priced at $129.99 but you can grab it for just $1 during this insane no-brainer deal at Pluginboutique. The deal expires in less than two days, so hurry up and grab your free copy of Vacuum Pro while you still can!

Pluginboutique is currently running a 12 Days Of Christmas Sale with heavily reduced prices on a range of music production software. They are running several other no-brainer deals as well, including 99% OFF discounts on software by SoundSpot and AIR Music Technology.

More info: Vacuum Pro ($1 @ Pluginboutique)

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  1. Well to me it’s a no-brainer indeed. The Air-Plugins are partly broken (not Vacuum, this “works”), haven’t been updated in years since the company has been sold BUT they’re regularly all over the place to advertise for their dated products on the bargain counter.

    Lately Pluginboutique started aggressiv marketing for “Air” – basically telling lies, nothing else. In a video they say “Air would be the company that released the most new synths in 2017” – how’s that supposed to be true??

    About Vacuum Pro: The synth does not sound very good. Like most “Air” products you can tell the age of over 10 years. The sound is muffled, thin and resists “fattening” by external compressors, drive and alike. Most recent freeware can produce better sounds than all “Air” plugins – with one exception: Loom. Besides its age it really sounds nice and rich and is a unique synth. Still I wouldn’t buy it again and like many other customers feel cheated by the intriguing upgrade path “$1 entry synth -> $70 upgrade to complete pack (full of nothing)”.

    Love your blog, Tomislav, and I hope you will allow my critical and anonymous voice. Thanks.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Hey Brant, of course, comments are always welcome! As for Vacuum Pro, I agree that it’s not the latest and greatest in terms of sound quality, but as a whole package, I think it’s an absolute steal for the price. For someone just starting, such a feature-packed VA synth for $1 is an excellent deal, IMO.

    • Thanks man for youre analize of situation, BUT, in this place we are musicans not buisness mans.
      Secondly – this plugin has very good sound. Xpand2 too. Nobody know what you are talking about. Merry Christmas!

  2. Description says it does not require ilok but installation still requires the pace installation… when I did not allow pace to install, it rolled installation back and cancelled plugin install.

  3. I bought Hybrid 3 and Vacuum Pro for only $ 2, they are fantastic.
    Very happy!
    Thank you for the information and newsletter!
    Greetings from the snowy Russia))

  4. Ignore the presets in Vacuum they use too much of the built in saturation. The synth is great, I purchased the Air synths years ago & their best one is probably this. Just programme the sounds yourself or make use of the randomisation features.

  5. I have read the previous entry the user software and I decided to check if it is so, writes (soft has nice GUI).
    Actually oscillators are poor part of this software (for my ears :) ). Price is price, but I will wait for an attractive promotion db-33 and velvet (who knows… ? ) , because these instruments are still ok.

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