Get The “Orbit” Transient Shaper For $1 @ Pluginboutique


Pluginboutique is running a 90% OFF deal on the Orbit ($10 value) transient shaper VST/VST3/AU/AAX plugin by SoundSpot.

Orbit is SoundSpot latest plugin release, following the Nebula multi-effect and the Oracle reverb. It is a workflow-oriented transient shaper plugin with a simple user interface which features only a couple of control knobs. The Boost dial increases the plugin’s overall impact on the sound, pushing the volume of the attack transient and adding saturation. The Mix knob, located at the bottom of the user interface, controls the volume of the clean and processed signals. It makes Orbit a handy little tool for parallel processing.

Positioned between the two knobs are the three Mode buttons for choosing the active transient detection mode. Orbit uses a combination of envelope followers to detect the transients on the input and the different modes are used to target slow, medium, and fast transients, depending on the characteristics of the audio material. The last available control is the bypass switch which simply turns the transient processing on or off.

Obviously, Orbit is a type of transient shaper designed with a quick workflow in mind. If you’re looking for a more advanced transient shaper, take a look at the Transient+ by Audio Assault (currently on sale) and the excellent Transpire plugin by Sonic Anomaly which is completely free to use.

Orbit normally costs $10 but is currently priced at just $1 on Pluginboutique. It is available as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin for compatible digital audio workstations on PC and Mac. This promotion is part of Pluginboutique’s massive Christmas Sale which includes numerous discounts and special offers on a wide range of popular music making software.

More info: Orbit ($1 @ Pluginboutique)

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  1. Hi, Tomislav.

    First of all I’d like to say that I’m following your blog from a long time now (maybe even from the very first beginning) and I just want to give a very big THANK YOU for your great labour.

    Your blog is for me, and I’m sure that also for many bedroom producers that, like me, are low on budget, a main reference and source for knowing and getting good plug-ins and samples for free or for just a few quids/bucks to help us to produce our tracks.

    That said, and regarding this Orbit plug-in… is it worth (even at such a very low price) if you already own and use Transpire? I’m using it now on many drum tracks were I previously used Image Line’s Soundgoodizer and I must say I’m really glad with the results…

    Thanks again and happy Christmas days.
    Regards from Madrid, Spain.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Hi Rudy, thanks for reading BPB! It’s always nice to hear that fellow musicians find it useful. To answer you question, I prefer Transpire. It is a solid transient shaper.

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