Ableton Releases FREE Creative Extensions For Live 10


Ableton has announced the release of Creative Extensions, a collection of eight audio and MIDI processing tools which are now included (for free) in Ableton Live 10 Suite.

Creative Extensions are a free add-on pack for Ableton Live 10 Suite, Live 10 Standard and Max for Live. To install the add-on, either access it directly from Ableton Live 10’s browser or log in to your account on Ableton’s official website. This is a free extension pack for all Ableton Live 10 customers.

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The included devices are quite diverse, covering virtual instruments, audio effects, and MIDI tools. Synthesis aficionados will be happy to find that Ableton has released Poli, a virtual analog synthesizer which mimics the sounds and architecture of classic hardware synthesizers. It comes with de-tunable oscillators, a built-in chorus effects, and a bunch of modulation options for creating complex patches. Users who are seeking more loudness in their mixes will definitely want to check out the brand new Color Limiter tool which provides a gritty texture reminiscent of classic hardware limiters.

On the more experimental side of things, the Spectral Blur effect is a reverb-like tool which excels at simulating unusual spaces. Another highlight is the Gated Delay utility which is essentially a trance gate with added randomization functionality. Find more info about all eight Creative Extensions devices on the product page linked below.

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Creative Extensions are available for free download via Ableton.

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  1. This is an awesome freebie for Ableton users! I was just tinkering with the “Melodic Steps” sequencer. If you have a different amount of steps for Octave, Transpose, Length, Velocity and Chance, you can produce these really quirky musical phrases! :D

  2. antti maatteri


    yes , thats a pretty nice update. very nice effects, but i still wondering why they put out another two synths, bass and poli? its not like that there none in ableton live suite^^.
    maybe someone alrady tested them can tell what so good, i just surfed the presets so far. but the effects alone are pretty amazing.

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