e-instruments is offering the eBass complete bundle ($99 value) for Presonus Studio One as a completely free download until November 22nd, 2019.

eBass is a premium-quality electric bass guitar sound library for Studio One’s native sampler instrument called Presence XT. The library is compatible with all versions of Presonus’ digital audio workstation, including the freeware Studio One Prime edition.

Featuring the sounds of a standard electric bass guitar, the eBbass library is suitable for use in a range of music genres from rock and indie to jazz and funk. The bundle contains four individual multi-sampled instruments, all of which are formatted for use with Presence XT:

  • eBass Classic Finger: 1.37 GB;
  • eBass Classic Pick: 1.36 GB;
  • eBass Vintage Finger: 1.30 GB;
  • eBass Vintage Pick: 1.04 GB.

Each multi-sampled instrument features up to nine articulations, including hammer-ons, slides, dead notes, mutes, noises, special FX, and more. The different articulations are accessed via keyswitches. The library also supports true legato mode, hand positioning, and built-in effects provided by the Presence XT platform. Check out the demo video embedded below to hear the instrument in action.

To download your free copy of eBass, visit the promo page linked below and follow the instructions. You will need to register for a free e-instruments user account in order to receive your personal promo code which should then be redeemed in the Presonus Store. In the Presonus Store, simply add eBass to your shopping cart and enter the promo code to apply the 100% OFF discount. The library is normally priced at $99 and the free download offer ends on November 22nd.

More info: eBass (free download via e-instruments until November 22nd, 2019)

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