Free Alesis HR-16B Drum Pack For Ableton Live By Cluster Sound


Cluster Sound has released a free Alesis HR-16B drum pack for Ableton Live. The pack also includes samples in WAV format which can be used in any compatible sampler or digital audio workstation.

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Featuring a higher bitrate than most other hardware drum machines back in the day, the HR-16 quickly gained popularity. Soon after its release, Alesis created an updated version of the instrument called HR-16B. It featured the same sound engine while boasting modern drum sounds designed for use in techno and other genres of electronic music.

If you’d like to take the HR-16B for a spin, you can now do that completely free of charge when you download Cluster Sound’s latest release. And if your DAW of choice is Ableton Live, you’re in for a treat because the soundbank is fully compatible with Live’s drum rack format. Other users will have to use the included WAV files in a sampler VST plugin or paste them manually in the sequencer’s timeline. Speaking of samplers, Grace is a great freeware one, as is Sitala.

To download your copy of the HR-16B sound pack, head to the Cluster Sounds website and complete the free checkout process. You will be asked to enter your email address but creating a user account is not obligatory. The samples come packed in a ZIP archive. The full version of Ableton Live is required to use the included drum rack.

More info: HR-16B for Ableton Live (4.78 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 47 audio samples in WAV format, free drum rack for Ableton Live)

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  1. has to be one of the poorest coded sites I’ve ever used. error after error trying to reset to a fresh password after the temp. even after being told the new one was a success, new one fails…but the temp still works hours later?

  2. corrosiveabuser


    These are actually really well taken samples, I’ve used various sets of the HR-16B over the years, and this is probably the most usable set I’ve come across to date. Using the deep-wood-kk along with the piccolo-snare, sidestick and HHs results in the best combination, IMO.

    Thanks to ALL

  3. Just wanted to point out that this was the exclusive drum machine for They Might Be Giants’ album Lincoln. It was used on every track except for “Lie Still Little Bottle”.

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