All 124 Plugin Alliance Products Are FREE For One Month!


Plugin Alliance has announced that all of its VST plugins and other music production software products are free to use for 30 days.

The company’s online store features 124 individual audio plugins. All users can now gain free access to these music production goodies for an entire month. If you’ve demoed a Plugin Alliance product in the past and your trial has expired, you can use it once again for 30 days, completely free of charge.

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In a move similar to what we’ve seen from Native Instruments, Moog, Korg, KV331 Audio, and many others, Plugin Alliance is providing temporary free access to their products. The reason for this is to help music producers who are currently stuck at home during the COVID-19 epidemic. Here is what Dirk Urlich of Plugin Alliance has to say about the situation:

I realized that we probably have hundreds of thousands of customers out there that are struggling right now. Gigs and shows are being canceled, restaurants and shops are closing. And everybody knows that most artists have day jobs to pay for the bills, so $$ will be tight for many people in our community in the next few weeks and months.

Plugin Alliance offers high-quality software for music production, mixing, and mastering. There are too many excellent plugins on their website to mention, but here are some of my favorite ones:

  • bx_console N is a state-of-the-art virtual mixing console based on the iconic Neve VXS console.
  • Opticom XLA-3 is an emulation of the Acme Opticom XLA-3 MKII optical compressor.
  • BYOME is a versatile modular effect developed by Biome Audio.

You can download all Plugin Alliance software for free from their website. The plugins will run in demo mode, without limited functionality, over 30 days. Please note that a valid email address is required to create a Plugin Alliance user account and to activate your software. Users are invited to share their musical creations on Plugin Alliance’s social media pages.

Monthly access to Plugin Alliance’s premium MEGA Bundle would normally cost $24.99 (yearly price is $249.99). Plugin Alliance is also offering a set of six freeware VST plugins when you sign up for an account. These are bx_cleansweep V2, niveau filter, Free Ranger, bx_subfilter, bx_rockrack V3 Player, and bx_solo.

More info: Plugin Alliance (all software is free for 30 days)

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  1. Mark Isherwood


    The downside to this is that any project you started during those 30 days with these plug-ins will stop working after the 30 days unless you spend the money on every single one.
    It’s a nice gesture, but for me it would be a waste of time downloading and installing just to give them up after 30 days.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Well, kinda. You don’t need to buy them all separately because you can simply purchase the monthly subscription. But yes, free 30-day access is both a blessing and a curse. :)

    • For me it doesn’t make any sense. Either free or not. I’m absolutely no subscriber at all. Old school. I rather buy stuff and keep it forever or forget about it. Sometimes I work on project over years – so I need to recall instruments and settings.

      I rather appreciate a free giveaway from a nice company like Moog.

      IK Multimedia are awesome as well. Free Sample Tank – Come on!

      Korg are stingy as always. Even when buying hardware they just give you some useless demo stuff. Do they expect me to sit around in a rocket chair all day and playing with my phone…?

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