SaschArt Releases FREE ReverseDelay VST Plugin


SaschArt has released ReverseDelay, a freeware delay VST plugin (also available in AU format for macOS) featuring stereo delay, ping pong delay, and a low-pass filter.

ReverseDelay offers three delay controls – Pan Width, Feedback, and Frequency. Dry and Wet signals can be mixed independently, and the Delay Rate parameter can be specified precisely with note length and Normal, Dotted, Triplet, or host tempo sync options.

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The plugin’s user interface is minimalistic in design, and it consumes “extremely low” system resources, per the description. The attention to code optimization and keeping the CPU demands low by today’s DSP processing standards is the case with all SaschArt’s previously released plugins, too. Interestingly, the installer download for ReverseDelay is less than 1 MB in size!

With the release of ReverseDelay, SaschArt’s collection of free plugins becomes even more varied. The developer is quite active with a range of plugins across the limiter, distortion, stereo, and filter categories. They also have several more experimental plugins that deal with binaural waves. Be sure to browse the rest of SaschArt’s website while looking up ReverseDelay! There’s some pretty interesting freeware waiting to be found.

ReverseDelay is available in VST and AU formats for 32 and 64-bit Windows computers. Only 64-bit plugin host applications are supported on macOS computers. It’s completely free, although the developer accepts donations. You don’t have to sign up before downloading the plugin, and there’s no activation process involved.

More info: ReverseDelay (869 KB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU plugin format for Windows & macOS)

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  1. If you were still using the old GRevDly from the GVST pack and ever wanted a nice sync mode with ping-pong, well, you’re in luck. I know I am.
    It’s a bit clicky, especially on rich sustained sounds. It could certainly benefit from some kind of smoothing mode but that would probably add some latency.
    Watch out for those Normal/Dotted/Triplet buttons as they apply even in Sync mode, which gets a bit confusing. (1/8D Triplet? Whut?).
    Almost perfect with just a smidge of potential to get even better.

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