Sonimus Offers Exclusive 10% OFF Discount For BPB Readers


Sonimus is offering an exclusive 10% OFF discount on all products to Bedroom Producers Blog readers. The offer ends on May 20th, 2020.

Sonimus develops audio software that closely emulates the non-linear behavior of analog studio gear. The company is well-known for its channel strip emulations (Satson and Britson) which are applied to every channel in the DAW to emulate the saturation and tone properties of an analog mixing console. Sonimus is also offering high-quality equalizers (Sweetone, Burnley 73, SonEQ Pro, and StonEQ 4K), as well as the excellent Tuco compressor.

Long-time BPB readers have certainly heard of the freeware SonEQ equalizer by Sonimus. It is one of the best analog-style equalizer plugins on the market. It is a fantastic effect for broad tonal adjustments and subtle saturation. The advanced SonEQ Pro ($59) edition of the plugin adds more features, including refined EQ curves and an improved preamp section for added warmth and coloration.

The flagship offering from Sonimus is the Satson CS ($149) modular channel strip. It lets the user create complex compression and EQ chains within a single plugin instance, with up to 16x oversampling and zero-latency processing. It is possible to connect up to eight modules in a series, with endless routing options. Satson CS is fully capable as a go-to mixing tool for processing individual channels and sub-groups across the entire mix.

Apply the coupon code QQA5TCTV at check out on the Sonimus website to apply the 10% OFF discount to your order. The coupon code can’t be applied to products that are already discounted. The offer will expire on May 20th, 2020.

More info: Sonimus (use coupon code QQA5TCTV before May 20th to get 10% OFF any order)

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