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Audio Plugin Deals is offering the Synth Abyss ($30 value) sound library by Karanyi Sound as a free download from their website until June 2nd, 2020.

Synth Abyss comes with over 8 GB of sample content for Native Instruments Kontakt. The source samples were captured from four classic and modern analog synthesizers manufactured by Oberheim and Moog (Moog Minitaur, Moog Sub37, Oberheim Matrix-1000, and Oberheim Matrix-6). The sounds were recorded through the Neve 88RS and the Empirical Labs EL7 FATSO, with the OTO Biscuit and various outboard gear by Lexicon and Eventide used for additional processing on the input.

These carefully recorded analog source sounds were used to create 120 deep-sampled synth bass patches, which were further processed into 230 Kontakt presets (190 single presets and 40 multis) for use in film scores, ambient sound design, and electronic music. The library requires the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.7.6 or higher to work correctly (read more about Kontakt Player demo mode limitations).

The library’s main point of focus is modern cinematic bass sounds. The included patches are based on analog sources, but they use plenty of clever post-processing to deliver a range of roaring soundscapes, massive pads, complex atonal sounds, eerie drones, and sweeping sound effects with plenty of low-end frequency content. Synth Abyss uses Karanyi Sound’s custom Synths Engine 2.0 for sound processing, with effects and techniques like 8-bit resampling, tape saturation, granular synthesis, modular delays, and more. The presets are organized into four libraries: Granular Library, Glitch Library, Scape Library, and Multi Instruments.

Despite its sophisticated sound engine, Synth Abyss features a streamlined user interface. The user can fine-tune the envelope, tone, and the FX balance for each preset. The volume envelope adjustments are limited to attack and release time parameters. The “Scoring EQ” controls are designed to quickly remove a specific frequency range to leave space for dialogue in films or for other instruments in a complex mix. The FX section comes with two adjustable effects per patch, and the large knobs on the right control the volume of the two sound layers.

Synth Abyss can be downloaded completely free of charge from Audio Plugin Deals until June 2nd, 2020. A valid email address is required to complete the checkout process. After completing the purchase at Audio Plugin Deals, you will receive a 100% discount code. Use that code in Karanyi Sound’s online store to get the Synth Abyss download link. The download process isn’t the most elegant, but it’s worth the hassle if you’re looking to add some good-quality cinematic instrument sounds to your collection.

More info: Synth Abyss (FREE @ Audio Plugin Deals)

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